A PSA to the Children of God

I was going to post a light-hearted “To-Be-Read” blog today but due to some long-time healing and recent events…I felt the need to share my feelings. I grew up in the LDS church. I have to admit that being a part of a tight-knit community and learning skills that other kids wouldn’t until they reached adulthood was terrific. There are a lot of fantastic aspects to the church as there are with most religions. For me- however, the unreachable standards and the contradictions really bothered me. Many argued with me that “Well, that is just the humans in the church and not the church itself.” That momentarily made sense…but then it kept nagging me. 

This is not a blog about Mormonism. I do not have a bone to pick with them specifically. This is a more generalized rant about organized religion overall. I just wanted to be clear that this is not from an outsider’s perspective…but rather from someone who was born and raised to be religious. Now that is cleared up-back to the argument that the problem was the individuals/humans themselves and not the religion in itself. My problem with that statement was well… religion is based, run, and organized by humans. If humans are flawed…wouldn’t religion be too? This is not to start a war against religion. It’s to point out that just because your religion says to do something…you should still sit back and question whether it’s really words of God and not words of a human. 

I know a lot of Christians and people that consider themselves to have a relationship with God are happy with the Roe v. Wade being overturned. I understand where their perspective is coming from…as I used to think along the same lines. But I would like to remind everyone: 

God…is the number one fan of free will…and mixing church and state is rapidly taking away that free will. You might think criminalizing abortions is just going to save lives. As a mother…again I understand the thought process. But you are also making it so women who have miscarriages might be investigated during an already terrible experience. You are making rape victims even more vulnerable to being questioned and forced to carry a baby they didn’t ask for. You are forcing children to be born into unhealthy and unkind living conditions and then not providing them with much help or resources to help them succeed. I am not writing to be pro-abortion. I am writing to be pro-life. Pro the lives of women and people with uteruses across the country that are at stake. Their privacy, their free will, and their control over their bodies are being taken away. With Roe v Wade being overturned…banning abortion is only the beginning. It affects medical privacy, privacy in the bedroom, and the future of same-sex marriages. I want you all to think about the mothers, daughters, nieces, and sisters that will be affected. That will turn into you, your friends, and your family being directly affected. 

God…loves everyone. So in the end I suppose the argument has a point. It’s the humans…not the religion. Humans weaponize God for the benefit of themselves. If you are really God’s children…start acting like it. Support one another. Love one another. And if God wouldn’t even dare to take away free will…I doubt it’s your place to do so. Be kind. Once again…a reminder that this is not an attack…but a reminder to realize how often humans get in the way of God.

This is not typically a political blog…I like to post book reviews and healthy recipes. But I felt the need to express my opinion so you know who you are supporting when you read Kayteable. You are supporting a mother, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. You are supporting someone who has and will always be a part of the LGBTQ+ community even though I have settled into a typical family unit. You are supporting a woman- who deserves her rights, her choices, and her privacy to be protected. And you are supporting a woman who no longer lives in a country that does.