Manage the “Beets”

Good evening-If you have been a Kayteable follower throughout the years- you know that I have had an array of health goals- some that have panned out…others that I no longer want as my priority.A main focus in the past has been weight loss and right now…that is not one of my main goals. My new focus will probably result in weight loss BUT is not the key to accomplishing said goals. So today’s blog is all about what I will be focusing on and all of that good stuff.

My main two goals I have is 1. to have VERY good control over my Type 1 Diabetes…which at the moment isn’t particularly out of control-but I would like to be very mindful of how I fuel and treat my body, along with how that affects my blood sugars. 2. Focus on stretching and strength training being a part of my daily routine.

Specifics of how I am going to reach these goals are similar as trying to lose weight…so I am familiar with how to do them…but I don’t have the pressure of the scale holding me back or discouraging me. I will be basing my results more on how I feel and the only numbers that will matter will be:

  1. My blood sugars which I hope I can get my average down from 170-190 to 130-150.
  2. How many reps (body-weight exercises) I can do in a timed setting.

That’s it. No more weigh-in and no more calorie counting. Just focusing on what I fuel my body with as well as how much I move and feel during the day. I will share a more detailed plan if you are interested once I transfer all the information from paper to blog…and will for sure be sharing updates on how everything is going!

Short blog tonight- So I hope you all have a great night and I would love to hear some of your goals!


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Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

One thought on “Manage the “Beets””

  1. Things that are valuable, we preserve and care for. Glad to hear that someone so valuable is preserving and caring for herself! That makes me happy!! Best wishes!!

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