January Reading List

Happy 2021! I hope everyone had a pleasant and safe New Year’s Celebration. We are starting this year off nice and easy with just two childhood favorites (That I got for Christmas…thanks Santa ;)): “Artichoke’s Heart” by: Suzanne Supplee and “Book #1: The Mysterious Benedict Society” by: Trenton Lee Stewart.

Let’s start by praising Artichoke’s Heart” for helping me through a rough mindset when I was younger. I wanted to share this book on the blog specifically for those of you who followed me when I first started this 5 years ago when my focus was weight loss. This is a book about a girl who is struggling with her body image and her self worth and the book resolves some problems in an atypical way- aka she doesn’t get slimmer to be happier…she just genuinely starts taking care of herseld mentally and physically.

Obviously, we know that is this character was a real human that surpassed the pages of the book that if she continues the habits she finally creates by the end of a book that she would most likely start to see physical changes…but I really appreciated and needed that psychological change that the main character went through. She developed self-worth and self-love while she was still heavier set- pretty cool perspective to see in a book in our public library as a kid.

So-super good read- 10/10 review from my 15 year old memory. We shall see if it still hits as good as an adult at the end of the month.

Now “The Mysterious Benedict Society” was an amazing read in high school. The first book starts out with a mysterious newspaper add for gifted children and dozens apply and only four kids make it in. It has lots of twists and turns. Makes you think and scrunch your brows a few times in amazement at the abilities of the four main characters that you just can’t help but fall in love with. Again- a 10/10 from my 16 year old memory and we shall re-evaluate at the beginning of February.

That is the full list of books planned for the month. Like I said-taking it slow and easy for the start of the year. πŸ™‚ Be sure to leave your own book recommendations or thoughts below in the feed back box below! Happy New Years! See you in a few days!


Today’s coffee drink of the day is a hot, white chocolate mocha- made with coconut milk (as always :)) Hope you have a fun drink to keep you warm. It’s chilly outside!

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