Just Some Resources

Hello! Today I just wanted to drop some resources that have helped me thus far in my journey. These are not ALL nor are they for everybody. I just hope that some of them may be of use to you and your own path to health. So without further explanation, here are some resources.

(Hover over the resources-everything is linked.)

Mindful Living

Physical Health:

Sarah’s Day– She is a fitness/health YouTuber. I personally love watching her vlogs, skin care, and recipe videos. BUT- I primarily use her as a fitness resource. I have purchased her “Sweaty Shredder” ebook and personalized timer app. 

KymNonStop- Another fitness/health YouTuber. Again- I find her content very entertaining- but she has some great *QUICK* high intensity workouts. I really admire her spirit and aspire to her fitness and health level. 

Cronometer- an app/website to track NOT JUST YOUR CALORIES AND MACROS. You can track your daily vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you are getting from your food. It’s a great way to log your food over a few days and see- what in general- you can adjust or keep the same in your diet. 

Mic the Vegan– Mic is a vegan YouTuber and he educates, debunks, and very factually explains the in and outs of veganism. 

Mental/Spiritual Health-

Zen Habits– A great blog all about bringing it back to the basics. About implementing zen habits into your daily life. I notice that if I am anxious or overwhelmed- reading his blog always helps to remind me that all is well-go back to basics- take deep breaths. 

Pick Up Limes- A YouTube page-very similar to Zen Habits in the sense of bringing it back to basics. She has helped me with organizing my priorities and creating a morning routine. 

Koze- A Youtuber- she’s just very real, talks about spirituality, mental health, and organizing the inside of your brain- not just the outside. 

Born Again Again- A podcast that discusses religious experiences and a couples journey through and out of religion. 

The Happiness Project- By: Gretchin Rubin- A book about a year long experiment to attain true happiness. I found it very insightful and helpful in my own journey. 

If you would like to know some more resources both in general or about specific topics- let me know and I would be happy to provide those for you. Otherwise- I hope you have a great day and happy reading!


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Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

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