100 Things I love

I love to

Read – write – sketch – water color paint – swim – take pictures – pet animals – collect plants

organize a cluttered space – unexpected, pleasant conversations.

I love to visit

Pacific City, OR – Portland, OR – Savusavu, Fiji – Boise, ID – Missoula, MT – Cortez, CO

Venice Beach, CA – Dallas, TX – Chicago, IL – Little Rock, AR

I Love


My Family: The Village who raised me + Kaysha ❀ – RJ<3 – Karlee ❀

My Homemade Family: Emilee & Ben- Megan – Jesse – Rick – RoRo.

(Thanks for being a part of something really special)


Potatoes in any form – Tomatoes – Stir-fries- Tacos – Cucumbers – Carrots- Papaya – Mangoes

Berries – Avocados


Cold Brew Coffee- Soda Pop – Kombucha- Carrot/fresh Juice- Iced Tea – Echinacea Tea – Boba

ICEEEE WATER – Arnold Palmers – Matcha (Blended)


The Mysterious Benedict Society Series – The Percy Jackson Series – Fablehaven Series

Eragon Series – Harry Potter Series- Uglies Series – Maximum Ride Series – Hunger Games Series

The Host – Zink

Quirky Things People Do

Laugh while telling a joke – make a range of emotions – make strange sounds at mild inconvienences

moving hands while talking – melt at the sight of a small animal – act like idiots around babies

Talk to themselves- talk about something that might seem silly passionately- fall in love

Humans ability to make everything somehow complicated.


Charles – Dunken – Chonk – My cactus named Porridge – Talking to strangers – rose quarts

Soft Pillows – rain – sitting in a coffee shop – people watching – long drives

watching funny YouTube videos – fairy lights – smell of fresh laundry – water droplets

paint that accidentally got on my hands – sending weird messages to friends – inside jokes only

two people in the whole wide world think are funny – a clean room – eating a whole pizza at 1 am

while watching a show on TV – cats playing with spilt water – how excited a dog gets

when they see you – fiery sunsets – mismatched socks – kids on Christmas morning – a guinea pig

when you feed it fruit treats – coffee mugs – the smell of old books – tattoos – first bite of food when

you are really hungry.

That’s all for today- my journal prompt was: “What are 100 things you love?” So here is my answer. I hope you all take a moment to reflect what you love today. I will be back here soon.


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Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

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