Stained Daisies

You don’t realize how much has happened over the past decade until all ten years come flashing before your eyes as they lock with those of a stranger- who used to belong to a friend. Hours- it felt like- had passed before either of us moved. It was as if the world had come to a jolting halt and our souls were still trying to regain balance. I felt myself swallow- the feeling of nothing getting caught in my throat as my mouth felt as though it had been filled with sand.

I would feel embarrassed and even rude at my reaction, but he seemed to be having the same troubles. I barely even noticed as the scalding, dark brew escaped from my mug and onto my new dress- the little white daisy’s stealing it’s light pigment. But even he couldn’t distract from the sting as it soaked through to my pale skin. I broke from my trance- bringing in a tense gasp through my clenched teeth. I avoided his eyes- I could still feel them piercing through me across the crowded cafe. I did my best to collect the mess into the single napkin that had been protecting the table from my mug’s contents.

After an overthought hesitation, I lifted my gaze to meet his once more only to find his own coffee cup and book deserted at his table and him no where to be seen. My grey eyes stormed the surroundings trying to relocate the one I had lost once before. A wave of dread I wasn’t prepared for crashed over my body- tears already began to creep into the corners of my eyes as I felt a sudden pressure on my shoulder. As I turned my head I recognized the rough, but ever gentle hand that had held onto me.

“No need to fret- I told you we’d find each other again. Or do you not trust me any more?”

Hello! Just a little writing exercise for the day! Hope you enjoyed the little short story of the day. See you all later and happy reading!


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Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

4 thoughts on “Stained Daisies”

  1. Oh no, I don’t want it to end!!! I’m enthralled!! I love the way you write. So descriptive and unique. Can’t wait for more!


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