If people were more like books…

You know how in movies- the teen girl’s room-with her walls filled with photos of her friends and family that makes a giant collage of her life. How they just pan over all those memories in 10 seconds to make a heart warming intro? That’s how a first date feels to me. It’s like window shopping into somebody’s life and we try our best to make it a heartwarming intro to entice them to join our life’s collage.

I always felt conflicted on what to do with the “photos” that don’t show smiling faces. The moments that shaped me but aren’t pretty to put in mini advert of myself. But really- what do I do with those? I can’t just throw them away- that would be false advertising. I can’t keep them front and center because my hard times don’t define me. I tend to tuck them behind the smiling faces of the better memories. They are there if you dig…hinted at without much effort if you don’t.

I wish in life- whether it be a first date or the beginning of a friendship…that we could swap books. All of our complications, our ups and downs…just written down neatly between the pages of thick leather binding. Books we could take home and read in the comfort of our own homes- without pressure to perform or react. To simply be able to absorb another person.

I wish people were more like books. With summaries on the back- a little about the author. Reviews from other readers and creases on the pages. I wish when we needed a break we could simply place a bookmark and pick up where we left off when we had the time. I wish for coffee stains and highlighted notes- spark notes for the tough reads.

I wish we could return the books-without judgment or praise. Simply pass on a read or decide you want a sequel. People would be so much easier if they were just like books don’t you think? But for now- we are all messy collages and I suppose if it’s good enough for a Hollywood intro- it’s good enough for me.

That’s all my rambly thoughts of the day. I hope you all have a great night and happy reading. πŸ™‚


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Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

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