Hello, good evening- it has been a long time since I have posted in the Book Nook. A shame really, I’ve missed reviewing books and even more- reading them. I’ve had a lot of change in my life recently. More overwhelmingly good changes than bad, I might add. But it got me thinking about about the quote, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”

I’ve always been one for change. I’ve traveled for a change in scenery. I have tried new foods to change my pallet. Change for me has always been one of the few things that is constant for me. It’s comfortable and familiar. Growth has always been welcome…but I am a tad more shy to that area of life.

I’ve felt I’ve been in a comfy- but plateaued state of being for a while now and spring going into summer feels like the right time to plant some seeds and hopefully we see some blooms in the near future. All this “blah, blah, blah” to say: Along with other areas of life- I want to branch out into genres this year. Change up my reading habits and maybe find some new good reads and preferably GROW from the experience.

So tonight I started a mystery novel “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” by Holly Jackson. I tend to lean towards fantasy books and picked up this book on discount on a whim. It’s definitely a young adult novel and quite an easy read. I am finding it surprisingly enjoyable and hopefully I will be posting a review here in the Book Nook here soon.

I’m writing this blog in hopes I can be a reminder to push out of your comfort zone- even in a little simple ways…like changing up what genre you read next. And with that I wish you all happy reading and I will catch up with you later. πŸ™‚


Drink of the Day

Iced Chai Tea with coconut milk and cinnamon.

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