Overcoming Our Own Minds

The other day, I asked on my Instagram @kayteable to submit ideas for the blog they would be interested in reading. Today- we are tackling submission number one: “Overcoming mental blocks on physical, social, emotional and financial health.” I picked this one first, not only because I find this subject intriguing- but also – I suppose I kind of like the guy that submitted it. So I hope I do it justice. SO without further ado- Let’s dive into overcoming our own minds and our mental blocks.

(Please keep in mind that I struggle with this myself- so I do not have a cure all answer. Just approaching the subject from the perspective of a fellow human being. ❀ )

Understanding What Creates “Mental Blocks”

“A mental block is an uncontrollable suppression or repression of painful or unwanted thoughts/memories.”

After a bit of reading- I have figured that there are different levels and reasons for having mental blocks. It can range from simply forgetting a word to being a result of deep rooted trauma we haven’t yet dealt with. No matter how serious the level of your mental block is- the first step is asking, “Why?”.

Examples to why questions:

1.Why am I scared to introduce myself?

2.Why am I reluctant to set a budget for myself?

Ranging Examples to Answers:

1.I am scared of rejection.

2.I am scared of restricting boundaries that make me feel like I have less choices.

As you can see under the original fear/mental block- there is an underlying reason that may not apply to the current situation you are in. What you might also notice is an opportunity the “WHY” the answers again until you find the original source. Why are you scared of rejection? Why are you scared of boundaries, even though they would be beneficial to you?

I personally believe that the first step- is the longest- and hardest step to approach and even if you do, to finish. Asking “why” creates a confrontational environment between you and yourself. Things you haven’t yet faced, ideas you haven’t yet questioned. Humans are creatures of habit- most of the day to day things we do- we never question. Never wonder why we do what we do.

By asking “Why” we will finally have the real problem in front of us. The problem wasn’t that we couldn’t apply ourselves and workout everyday or that we are incapable of love. The problem was never that we aren’t good enough or that we are incapable of what we want to do. It was always that we were unaware of what we were really tripping on or that we had a thought process that was wound into our being as a child.

Of course, this whole concept is oversimplifying complicated issues and perhaps making light of a very loaded task ahead of us. But life itself- has always been simple. It’s human nature to make things complicated. I think we would all be bored if we just did things the easy way.

So to officially answer the question: How do we overcome mental blocks? We ask why until we get to the root. We face our very nature fully and without a veil to hide behind. Then we take steps to be the person we want to be. Depending on what we want to do and who we want to be will present with different steps. Maybe it’s therapy or confronting someone who stuck us with an unhealthy thought process. But no matter where we are going- we all need to start in the same place.

The WHY.

Then, and only then, can we focus on the HOW.

That’s all I have for this blog. I really liked this question and I think we will have future blogs on the subject. But as for today I wish you all happy reading and I will see you next time.


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