It’s A….(Baby Update)

Good evening! We had a fun doctor’s appointment today and we got to find out the gender! How fun! I personally am just happy to know that the little one is happy and healthy so far, as well as seeing the little silly personality appear through the ultra sounds we have had so far.

One of my personally favorite quotes from today coming from our ultra sound technician was “I don’t trust your baby.” Which without context is such a funny thing to say- but I do have to say, the little one was being particularly stubborn when she was trying to take pictures of the baby.

So today I am about 20 weeks and 3 days in- just four months until we are real life parents. I don’t know if I am more excited or scared by that realization but either way- it’s coming. We have been having fun with starting to feel the baby move and causing some really cute back pain. πŸ™‚ We could out today that the little one is all good, measuring well, looking great, and is an active, stubborn little soul already. We are excited to welcome a little baby boy…

That’s right- despite all of us being convinced that we were going to have a little girl- It’s a boy! We are so excited to meet him, but are also very patient in waiting for the never ending sleepless nights. Dylan (my partner) was probably the most enthusiastic about this discover as he wanted a boy as his first born. We will all have to watch out that Dylan doesn’t buy him too much football gear prematurely as half the DNA contributing to him is from me- the book worm with little to no knowledge of the football world!

Don’t worry- I told Dylan if this turns primarily into a baby blog- that I need to be banned from the internet. So, of course- you get in on the fun updates and some of the roughest moments…but for the most part- this will stay Kayteable with mindful living, book, and recipe blogs!

Thank you all for being a part of our little journey that is one of the biggest moments of our lives. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your night and for now- I wish you all happy reading!


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