Untraditional- Blogmas 12.07.2021

This past Sunday we had what most would describe as an “untraditional” baby shower with our friend groups and it was the best baby shower I have ever attended. Perhaps I am a bit biased… but either way it was exceptionally fun.

My best friend and her partner were in charge of the planning- my only ground rule is that everyone was invited. I couldn’t personally imagine a scarier event than a ton of women surrounding me with either baby hungry eyes or reminiscent baby hungry stories. Really- I am just an odd ball without many female friends and having a ton of women I don’t know very well personally wasn’t up my alley. I preferred the idea of just having a potluck where everyone was invited!

So- we got what I asked for! We had a group of 12 people in their 20’s and one of my closest friends who also just so happens to be a 57 year old man in attendance and we all enjoyed a Harry Potter themed event (what do you expect from a bunch of nerds?) and a dinner made of pizza and assorted sides. We were even provided butterbeer. Fantastic.

That was the main even of the weekend. All that happened since we last visited was our untraditional baby shower and Dylan and I walking around the house and town like old people not in their prime. He’s sore and I am pregnant…we look like spry youths on a regular.

Today on the agenda- is not moving from my bed aside for food, water, and bathroom breaks…and catching up on about a month’s worth of homework. Yikes. Now that I mention it…I should probably get back to that shouldn’t I?

As for now- I wish you all a happy blogmas and even happier reading. See you soon!


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Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

One thought on “Untraditional- Blogmas 12.07.2021”

  1. Oh my gosh…on the phone, you said NOTHING was going on, literally NOTHING!!!
    A whole new kind of shower, your best friend coming to see you, a crazy cake, schoolwork, and 20 people at your house very recently. Hmmmmmmm….that sounds suspiciously like SOMETHING…SOMETHING amazing that I should have heard all about instead of me filling the silence with therapy thoughts! Geesh!!!
    P.S…. you look amazing. Being in pain all day looks good on you. What’s you secret? (Besides, apparantly EVERYTHING!!!)πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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