Happy Birthday George!

For the sake of privacy, we are referring to my little sister as George. It was a silly nickname she went by for a while and it was truly the most endearing nickname she could have picked. She was and still is a fellow Harry Potter nerd and she preferred George over Fred. She requested that I write her a blog for her birthday two years in a row now- and I figured it is time to fulfill her wishes. My not-so-little sister will be turning 14 this year so I am writing…

14 Things I Love and Admire About George

  1. George is an amazing young woman. I am not really the mushiest person- so I don’t communicate this enough in person- but I am so proud of who she has grown up to be and who she continues to grow to be. She is one of the most well-rounded 14-year-olds I have ever met and she has a great head on her shoulders.
  2. She is very hard working. She learned to love baking at a very young age and has worked really hard to perfect her craft. Someday, if and when I get married she is my gal who is going to make the cake. She has also turned her baking into a source of income for her dance and personal travels.
  3. Dancing. No matter what she does, I will be overwhelmingly impressed…but watching her grow in her dance has been amazing. When she first started- she had skills…but her confidence had not quite set in. She was nervous and a bit choppy… and now…her last performance made me tear up. Watching her, seeing how much she has grown into a young woman, gracefully and confidently dominating the stage…it was truly amazing.
  4. She is an amazing sister- to me but also to the littles. I was out of the house while they were all still super little- so Kaysha is the BIG SIS. She is so great with our younger brother and sister…even though they can be quite the handful. She is also amazing with my son. She is the best aunt I could imagine for my little one.
  5. She is our little adventure bug. She has gone to Disney Land, Oregon, and Florida. She is doing a lot of things I wanted to do when I was her age and she is brave enough to adventure boldly. I hope she always keeps her adventure bug.
  6. She is so pretty. On the outside, sure. She is slender, strong, and blonde. But especially on the inside. She is one of the most beautiful people I know. So caring and kind. Always there to help. And like I said, she is also very pretty on the outside too. Not fair she got both.
  7. This is something horrifying but it’s one of my favorite memories. She crunches up cheddar ruffles into a bowl of sour cream and eats it plain. It is pure terror in a bowl, but the day I caught her doing it was hilarious and remains to be my favorite thing to tease her about.
  8. Earlier I mentioned she was a great baker…she is my consultant. I will regularly mess up something in the baking genre and she is the first person I call, panicking…and she can almost always fix the problem…even over the phone.
  9. When I first learned of the existence in the womb…man I was so excited to do her hair. It remains to this day that she has let me do her hair ONCE in her entire existence. I love her stubbornness.
  10. I love her innocence. I feel like everyone tries to grow up too fast. Don’t get me wrong…she is more of an adult than me half the time…but I appreciate that when she gets full range of our house she still chooses some treats and High School Musical on the TV.
  11. Her strength. While her ability to win is like 30% that I didn’t want to be the 20-year-old that crippled the 10-year-old…she is just super flexible and strong. She can just pin me down at any moment. I can only dream of being half as strong as she is.
  12. She is so responsible and organized. She somehow balances a job, dancing, babysitting, saving money, and helping her mom. She has some kid moments in there too- but it is really impressive. My little ADHD brain admires her ability for balance.
  13. She is so overall resourceful and smart. She has so many skills many adults fail to achieve and she is quick to learn something new.
  14. No matter who she is or who she becomes I will always be so proud of her. She is an amazing young woman and I can’t wait to see what kind of adult she will become. (Well, I can wait a little while. I don’t want her to grow up too fast.)

Love you sis and I hope you have an amazing birthday. Can’t wait to ride that waterslide.

Love your big sister, Kayte.

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