Rebranding Kayteable

It’s been a long time coming- “the rebranding” of Kayteable. I started writing blogs when I was 16 and a lot has changed since then. I am older now, I’d like to think a tad bit wiser, and officially a mother to one. I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want the next phase of Kayteable to be. I think a lot of the same things as I have always done. Mindful living, art, and cooking…but I want to expand and go more into depth on creating balance in the world of mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Our world looks a lot different now than it did a few years ago- and it’s making me think that having solid roots, a healthy relationship with yourself and those around you, and being at peace in your own mind is a priority. I started originally to get “skinny” and healthy. As a human and a mother- my priorities have shifted to not only to take care of my body but also my mind and heart.

Here on out- we will be focusing on Mindful Living- which will encompass physical health (fitness, nutrition, & women’s health), mental health (social, relationships, boundaries, and tools to navigate emotions), and spiritual health (creating balance between physical, psychological, and social aspects of life.).

I will also have little updates on the #momlife tag. Just little tips and tricks I learn along the way, cute baby updates, and the truth (the good and the bad) about being a new momma. I also want to encourage body positivity here on Kayteable- learning to love ourselves and our bodies at all stages of its transformation.

Lastly, I will be regularly updating Kateable Foods, posting new gluten-free and vegetarian/pescatarian recipes, food prep, and more. I will be trying to include nutritional facts and information on how specific foods affect and help your body. Along the same lines of creating…I will also be updating my art gallery. I can and will be taking commissions starting August 1, 2021.

I hope that I see all of you along for the ride in this new and updated Kayteable. May it be as genuine and true as all the Kayteables before it. That is all for now! Enjoy the rest of your summer! We only have a few more weeks left! 🙂



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