Communicate via Pheromones

Good evening my fellow humans. it’s approximately 8:30pm and I am getting a minute alone without the kiddo! Well, he is about ten feet away from me but his dad is in charge of him so I can listen to him babble…um, well, more or less scream without having to fix it myself. He is having a good time as he is teething and extremely tired at the moment- which to other guardians out there, you know is a fun time. That being said- I am enjoying a nice recycled marinara sauce jar of water (no ice).

FUN FACT: Did you know that you should be drinking your body weight (in pounds) halved in ounces (minimum) to your full body weight in ounces (about max) of water every 24 hours to be properly hydrated? Ex. my body weight is 158 lbs. Meaning: to be hydrated I should be drinking roughly 79-158 oz a day.

That being said I have had about 18 oz of coffee (that would count as 9 oz for water) and a Powerade Zero today…so I am a bit behind. BUT IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! While I am going to have to pee a thousand times tonight- I am already feeling so much better with some water in my system.

All that aside- you are joining me for another journal tonight and that includes my Co-Star Reading. Co-Star is an astrology app- and while I do NOT think you should be making your big life decisions based on someone else’s translation of that stars- I think this app has been insightful and has helped me stay on track, as a lot of the information actually pertains to my life. If you follow my lead and download the app- be sure to always use your own intuition and only take what you relate to and leave the rest. That being said- my Co-star reading:

Co-Star Notes of Importance

Thought of the day: Communicate via pheromones.

Having a self is not selfish. Your work this month is to understand the difference between being social and being solitary. When you emotionally detach you undermine yourself. Don’t change the core parts of yourself to accommodate other people’s expectations. The main challenge right now is to control the tension between your desire to transform and the resistance of your emotional self. Anxiety breeds misinterpretation. To find clarity- practice quieting the mind.

You are someone who understands the concept of progress and right now you’re able to control your pride in the name of collective advancement. Think about the moments of beauty in our wretched reality. You aspire to rise by rising. You integrate new ideas with instinctive awareness. In this moment, you may feel especially empathetic, making it the perfect time to get curious about self-discovery. Long-term transformation happens when you’re able to use your experiences as a source of wisdom.

Your relationship to planning and goals is experiencing some resistance. This time, get free from old ideas related to your self-directed goals and strategic alliances. If a friend tells you they are okay, but you can tell that they are not- push a little. If only to give them another opening. The rule-breaker in you is experiencing some resistance. Be serious about your personal resources. Try not to equate your sense of self-worth with the value of your possessions.

Personal Notes:

I think that it’s interesting that it mentioned that having a self is not selfish. While I inherently think it’s stupid to think otherwise- it’s easy to start thinking that it is. In my personal experience, I have always tended to bury myself in everyone else’s problems and not really facing my own. As a mother, I find myself sometimes feeling bad about even taking time to shower or eat. I have to remind myself, on the daily, that I do need to take time for me- even if it’s just a few minutes here and there. If I lose myself in someone else, then it will make it that much harder to find myself again.

Moments of beauty in our wretched reality…” Well, just today I wasn’t feeling that good- but I almost didn’t notice because my son was so giggly today. He was just so happy to be alive. Oh, to be a baby- where everything is new and untainted. I also saw an adorable old couple teasing each other at the cafe today. I wonder what it’s like to become older and become rapidly more aware of our limited amount of time. I notice with some people it makes them bitter and others sweet. That’s what matters really. Noticing that we are so limited on time and take the time to be who we want to be RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow- today. Noticing those moments of beauty is important as well. Hope is what keeps humanity going. Getting too absorbed in the darkness will slowly but out that shining little light of hope. Noticing the sweet smiles and great loves in our lives is what makes us.

That is all I have for tonight. I hope you all have a good night’s rest and I will catch up with you soon. Thank you for reading ❤



2 responses to “Communicate via Pheromones”

  1. Don’t ever not stop to smell the flowers, unless it’s a critical emergency – obviously, lol. I can relate to the busyness of your life right now. Although I don’t have any children, my businesses are like my children and require near constant attention. So, I feel you in regards to taking time for yourself and breathing for a minute. It’s hard to not get super wrapped up in the things that we love so dearly. Glad to see you are doing things to take care of yourself.

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  2. Glad you are finding those moments of beauty and finding them in the midst of the challenging role of motherhood. Awesome!
    (Glad you are hydrating!)


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