Flow. A morning routine.

Good morning my fellow humans- you are joining me on a daily journal today and enjoying a nice jar or mug of our favorite beverage. Mine is my regular cold brew, peppermint mocha creamer, and almond milk foam over ice. I remember a time when I used to be a coffee snob and only drink my coffee black- and then I remembered I like flavor- so here we are.

This morning was the nicest and most peaceful morning I have had in a while. For some time now- I have been trying to find a rhythm with my son- so that we can balance what he needs and what I need- and lately I have only had the energy for what he needs. He is doing that fun 7-month teething, sleep regression, suddenly realizing that Mom can walk away stage of life- so it’s been somewhat difficult. However- I can not blame my exhaustion entirely on him as I wasn’t using my time as wisely as I should.

Sometimes it’s hard to efficiently use your time when your baby is sleeping because- well you have been trying to efficiently use your time all day working around the baby. So you just want to relax, hang out, and waste your own time. While I will surely do that again soon- I found that it was biting me in the ass. So last night- I didn’t.

We put the baby down, I caught up with Dylan a bit- and then I took melatonin. Sort of a threat to myself- if I don’t get what I need to be done in the next 30 min then you don’t do it at all. Then I wrote yesterday’s blog, posted it on all my socials- then detoxed from my phone 20 minutes before I fell asleep and meditated. Here is usually what happens-

I mess around with Dylan, play on my phone, dink around the house, and stay up watching TV- blah, blah, blah- until it’s midnight to 1am. Kai usually starts string at 11pm to 12am- so then…after wasting all that precious sleep time was wasted- I get stuck with a crying loop every hour til 6am- then I am pooped all day. I am not as efficient, happy, or as engaging of a mother as I want to be.

Last night- I was passed out by 9- Kai got up 3 times but for a very brief moment- I think he could feel I was relaxed so he followed suit- and we were up and going by 7:45 am. I asked Siri to set a timer for 30 minutes (My goal is to no engage on my phone for the first 30 minutes of the day) and hung out with Kai. We played and worked on our crawling- then it was time for him to eat.

Then, he is all happy and content, I am well rested (for literally the first time in 7 months) and so I start on my morning routine. I only hold myself accountable for 10 minutes of movement. If I want to do more- great. But this is a realistic goal in the world of motherhood interruptions. So- 10 minutes of Yoga with Adriene, then I meditated for 5 minutes with “Waltz Sketch” by Paddy Mulcahy (you ever find a song that embodies your soul-this is it for me), and made myself a coffee to enjoy while I sat down and write with you. Meanwhile- Kai is having some quality time with Ms. Racheal (highly recommend if you want some entertainment that is not useless for the kiddos). An amazing morning!

Listen, I do not expect my routine to go this smoothly every day- that is simply an unrealistic goal- but it feels like a flexible enough goal to work around any interruptions. That being said- do you guys have a morning/night routine? How did you get into the habits you have?

Today’s Co-Star Highlights

Thought of the day: Loneliness is not a lack of people around you, it’s a lack of yourself. Why won’t you stick up for yourself? Practice letting go of blame. Look at how behaviors stem from many interactions over time. You are not a bad person for having ideas that never amount to anything. Choose a new fantasy. Consider that you can start by spotting a replica rather than creating something new. Your main challenge right now is to control the tension between your desire. to transform and the resistance of your emotional self. To be described as someone with character- you must first build it.

Personal Note: I feel a little called out on the loneliness bit. It’s easy to feel alone when 99% of your human interactions are with a 7-month-old. But I have a lot in my life- and perhaps this is the time to learn how to be happy with being “alone” in a room by myself.

Daily Intentions:

  1. Flow. Try to get the things you need to be done, but release the tension when things don’t go exactly to plan. Flow with your day- don’t fight with it.
  2. Quiet the noise. When things get overwhelming- turn off your phone, take deep breaths- and be present in the moment.
  3. Fuel my body with healthy nutrients, drink plenty of water and remember to go to sleep tonight.

That’s all for the day folks- kind of a long blog today, so- Dad, if you made it to the end…good job. If you didn’t…I forgive you lol. I hope you all have an amazing day- see you soon.


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One response to “Flow. A morning routine.”

  1. Modern motherhood is a test of learning to be alone well… but in more tribal cultures, was community bonding time where so many mothers gathered together to take turns tending children, gathering food, chatting, preparing meals etc. It wasn’t a solo task unless you wanted it to be.
    Parenthood is a challenge either way but sounds like you’re making some really wise decisions to get some sleep. You go Kai- Momma!

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