Knowing yourself lets you understand others.

Hello my fellow humans- join me for a daily journal. Today we are drinking iced cold brew, with a splash of peppermint mocha creamer, and foamed almond milk on top. Yum, yum. We are going to go over my co-star reading today as well as just the daily thoughts as I sip on my three-hour-old coffee.

Co-Star Reading

Thought of the day: Knowing yourself lets you understand others.

Power in Self

Pressure in thinking and creativity & spirituality.

Trouble with routine, social life, and sex & love.

Your mind is active and your body feels present. Stay grounded in the moment while you think big thoughts. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be you. You are not a bad person for having trouble articulating your ideas. Invent new words, new sentence structures, and new voices for yourself. Now is the time to square up with hard truths. What are your orgins? How did you get to where you are now?

Personal thoughts: I find this particularly interesting as some healing from my past has come up and has been brought to the attention not only to me but to those who were in those past times with me. I think I have an instinct to filter and reinvent my truth to make those around me happy. I have to remember that not everyone with like or agrees with my truths and that’s okay. There is no reason to fight for my truth, just stand by it. The truth is only a weapon if you want it to be.

Your outgoing disposition gives you the power to face uncomfortable feelings, over and over, until life becomes a process that makes you fearless, flexible, and able to play. It takes courage to have a frank conversation with oneself. Luckily, you are brave.

You escape the material world through holistic experiences that connect you with the world at large. Don’t agonize if this is all you want to do right now. It may help you counteract feelings of inadequacy and discouragement. The trick is to create many tiny centers of happiness.

Mercury is pushing yo right now. This is why you feel pressured to let go of old beliefs and make room for new ideas. Try to remember that consciousness is the only reality. Own up to impatience. you want something to happen but you don’t know what.

Personal thoughts: I agree. I am ready to let go of my old beliefs. Some are personal and some are a whole system. It’s also true that I want something to happen but I am not sure what. I feel that I have waited my whole life for something to change and maybe I am the one who needs to push it. I need to stop being the passive one in my own life.

You are someone who understands their unique place in the order of things, but in this moment you may feel unable to make your innovative vision a reality. Remember that being unique is not the same as being useful.

You build intimacy by keeping things young and fresh. This is a good time to notice all the little things you do to avoid intimacy. Stay away from anyone who doesn’t respect your boundaries.

you typically enter every room determined to win, but at this moment your boredom is causing you to pick fights for no reason. Slow down and stop fighting yourself. Committing to too many things is an activity you use to avoid real engagement. Cut back or there will be trouble.

Personal Thoughts: I half agree with the above paragraph. I think that I pick fights…within myself- not really with other people. I am a little too passive to start that. I do need to go easy on myself with how much I am capable of doing on a daily basis.

That is all for the day- the little one is stiring. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you again soon.


“I don’t need an inspirational quote- I need coffee.”



2 responses to “Knowing yourself lets you understand others.”

  1. If you see this comment- reply by letting me know what your favorite thing to drink is! Thanks for reading the blog! Hope to see you all again soon!


  2. For me? Water! But the smell of coffee is heaven. So, that is one good reason to hang out with you, coffee- lover that you are!
    Thanks for sharing!

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