Change is temporary, but there is no going back.

Hello my fellow humans- sorry for the lack of posts. The combination of motherhood, moving, and not being connected to a WiFi service- really kicked me in the butt. However, I am happily sitting in a coffee shop to quickly chat with you, set my October intentions, and take a little “mom break”.

As I have mentioned in the past few blogs- we moved. It’s bittersweet. Saying goodbye to our first home and getting our little family adjusted to a new home brings a slew of feelings. I think that the thought, “Change is temporary, but there is no going back.” is relevant in my current reality.

Podcast shoutout of the day-for getting me through days of unpacking is “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast”. It’s a great feeling like you are hanging with the girls chatting about ghosts, home invasions, and true crime cases. I highly recommend you have a listen.

-October Intentions-

1. Spend quality time. It’s easy to get lost in todos and obligations and even easier not to enjoy the present. My intention this month is to spend quality time with my boys. Taking time to enjoy my son sleeping in my lap or playing on the floor together. Taking time to enjoy a conversation at night with Dylan and taking time to slow down on the weekend.

2. Create a routine. I would like to get into a routine. Not a perfect one, but a healthy one. Daily movement, skin care, baby stuff, etc. etc. I feel like having a routine will make me feel less scattered and more grounded in my day to day. I believe having a routine that Kai can depend on will help him as well.

3. Take time for me. I don’t want to skip off and be self-absorbed. I just want to be mindful about taking care of my mind and body. I would like to take time to meal prep, have a regular workout routine, and take a few moments to meditate and journal before bed. Taking care of me will help me take care of my family.

4. Be a mindful consumer. We need to stick to a budget this month- so I would like to work on mindful consumption. It is a good habit to form whether or not a budget is on the mind. Use what we have and buy only when we need.

5. Enjoy the day. Just enjoy the day to day, even when it may seem mundane.

We have a lot of changes to adjust to and I am so excited for our future. Thank you so much for reading- I will see you soon!


True meditation is about being fully present with everything- that is including discomfort and challenges. It is not an escape from life.


2 responses to “Change is temporary, but there is no going back.”

  1. Beautiful to read your thoughts and ideas. Thank you for sharing them. Much appreciated!


  2. You have great thoughts & Ideas! Remember to ENJOY your life. It goes by so quickly. I asked about your new house & B. sent me pictures. I love it, & having a great yard & the park nearby. Great! I love you!

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