A 100 Life Goals

Hello, my fellow humans. As you can probably gather from the title- I am here to publish 100 of my life goals. I want to clarify that I am not tackling these all at once. I read in another post that to know what to do next you need to know where you want to go. So I just wrote up 100 goals for my immediate and far-ahead future. Without further ado-

100 Life Goals

Personal Development:

  1. Develop a daily routine. 
  2. Learn a second language. (Spanish or sign language.)
  3. Take a self-defense class
  4. Read at least 5 books by the end of 2023
  5. Learn to embrace and listen to my emotional self.
  6. Become a morning person. (I know- terrifying.)
  7. Fully process and heal my inner child.
  8. Share my full self. Share my time, my feedback, opinions, knowledge, and skills. 
  9. Become more mindful. Learn how to live in the present and make decisions that better our lives and the world around us. 
  10. Develop better verbal communication skills. 


  1. Create a family budget.
  2. Start a savings fund for Kai
  3. Save $2500 by the end of 2023
  4. Get rid of St. Luke’s Debt
  5. Pay off Dylan’s school loans
  6. Pay off credit card
  7. Get a continual income by January 2023
  8. Build good credit
  9. Take some sort of financial class
  10. Learn how to use our money most effectively.


  1. Get a passport for the whole family by next year
  2. Travel to all the states
  3. Take Kai to the coast
  4. Visit three other countries
  5. Visit local sights and document them
  6. Hike 10 local-ish paths 
  7. Ride a train 
  8. Go on a family road trip when Kai is a little older
  9. Play flight roulette 
  10. Visit 5 National parks 

Health & Fitness:

  1. Get my A1C down to 7-8
  2. Mindful Movement Everyday (Ex. yoga, stretching, or walking)
  3. Try a new style of workout 3x every week for the next month to figure out what kind of workout style works for me.
  4. See a raise in muscle mass and decrease in fat percentages in next body scan
  5. 80-20 rule for eating. 80% “good, nutritionally dense foods, and 20% free for all
  6. Mental health: have a clean home environment. 
  7. Be able to complete a Tough Mudder race with Dylan by end of 2023
  8. Sign up for a fitness class (Ex. yoga, kickboxing, etc.)
  9. Be able to do 35 pushups to match Dylan (yes, he went easy on me, lol)
  10. Take my vitamins daily and hydrate (64 oz daily-minimum)


  1. Post at least 3 blogs a week
  2. Have a finished draft of Scribble of a Scrambled Mind completed by January 2023
  3. Learn how to boost my networking abilities
  4. Apply for writing gigs
  5. Learn how to market art
  6. Finish designing Cor.Fitness website
  7. Take a business class
  8. Learn more about marketing
  9. Be consistent about posting on social media
  10. Branch out and seek out mentors (blogging, mindful living, writing)


  1. Publish a Novel
  2. Adopt a few animals
  3. Have a home full of healthy and thriving plants
  4. Focus on being a good homemaker
  5. Prioritize motherhood- Don’t miss the little moments
  6. Embrace a mindful lifestyle
  7. Consume less-Utilize more
  8. Learn how to grow a garden & can for food for my family
  9. Embrace my inner modern hippie
  10. Embrace the new small town life

Family & Friends:

  1. Spend quality time with my boys regularly 
  2. Reach out, make and spend time with friends
  3. Have my younger siblings come over for a sleepover once a month
  4. Have facetime calls on Sundays with family
  5. Eat dinner as a family at least 5x a week
  6. Have a family movie night on Saturdays
  7. Push my social boundaries when I can
  8. Talk to people on social media more (in seek of friendships)
  9. Don’t be afraid to take things slow- in order to prioritize the small moments with my family. 
  10. Communicate my needs in order to keep the household running.


  1. Take time to listen. While Kai cannot communicate his needs verbally yet, it does not mean he does not tell me what he needs. Take the time to listen.
  2. Understand that I will make mistakes and that is okay. The key to being a good parent is being accountable to those mistakes and do my best not to repeat them. 
  3. Be kind and patient. I know that it is hard sometimes to regulate your emotions when you are over stimulated by Kai- but be a good example of regulation by staying kind and patient while he is learning to be a whole human of his own. 
  4. Be silly. Trying to be perfect is boring and overrated. Let Kai see you be silly and fun. Show him how to dance with the world rather than fight against it. 
  5. Be there and love. No matter what stupid little mistakes you make, your presence, your love, and being there for him is most important. 

Romantic Relationships:

  1. Communicate. Even when things are hard to discuss or when feelings are tense- talk it out. A rough conversation is better than a brutal assumption. 
  2. Never go to bed angry. Always get to a place where we can hold hands and go to sleep peacefully. Resolutions make for better sleep. 
  3. Communicate our appreciation and adoration often. When you live together and have a baby- it’s easy to assume that the other knows you love them. But don’t let that stop you from reminding them. 
  4. Communicate via their love language and ask them to communicate via yours. Learn all the ways to say I love you everyday. 
  5. Be each others support system. Everything is not always easy. In fact it is often hard. So know and build a support system that we can both depend on. 

Immediate Personal Goals:

  1. Get to 145lbs (Not dead set on that goal, as I would rather have muscle than be 145 lbs, but it’s a starting goal)
  2. Unpack the rest of the house by the end of this week. (October 8, 2022)
  3. Finish Kai’s alphabet paintings by the end of 2022
  4. Have the first draft of Scribbles of a Scrambled Mind Finished by the end of 2022
  5. Do a stretching/yoga routine for 30 days straight starting October 7-November 6

Long-Term Personal Goals:

  1. Get into weightlifting
  2. Have 2000 followers on all my platforms
  3. Have a self-sustaining garden
  4. Have food storage for myself and my family
  5. Have Kayteable a source of income

Immediate Family Goals:

  1. Get Kai on a feeding schedule
  2. Work on motor skills with Kai
  3. Make room in our busy lives for more family time. 
  4. Enjoy every day together. 
  5. Have more yummy and healthy meals together. 

Long-Term Family Goals: 

  1. Be able to rent out a house in 5 years as a profit
  2. Open up Dylan’s business as well as my own
  3. Be able to pay for Kai’s future
  4. Be a healthy and well-rounded family. 
  5. Be HAPPY.

If you made it all the way to the bottom congratulations- you are a trooper. That is all for the day- hope you enjoy the view from my laptop of my still-not-unpacked house. I will talk to you guys again very soon. Thank you for reading ass always-


Life is messy. Being a human is messy. It’s not as neat as your “should’s”and “shouldn’ts” would have us believe.


One response to “A 100 Life Goals”

  1. Oh my goodness, that is the longest list of the most ambitious sets of goals I have ever seen for 1 person. But you are a miracle woman who has survived the impossible so if anyone is strong enough to do all this, then it is you. They all seem like healthy types of goals, so no reason not to pursue them at whatever pace you can. Be kind to you. (Maybe just tackle one at a time so you don’t get overwhelmd.? But you’re a great multi-tasker so whatever works for you.) You go girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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