A review of yesterday.

Hello, my fellow humans! Just a little journal that is late- it’s a blog that I meant to post yesterday-but I decided actually getting sleep was more important than posting it immediately…so with that being said- here is a review of yesterday.

Yesterday was the epitome of trying to be a human when you are sick and also taking care of a tiny human that is also sick. We did pretty good! I got ready for the day, which made me feel ready to take on my todo list, went to the bank, wandered around the DI and got Kai his own TV remote (he is obsessed), and cleaned up the house a bit. Sometimes it’s easy to judge yourself when you feel that you aren’t doing enough- but realizing that our bodies need time to heal and feel better is important. I feel like the world likes to rush us along and in doing so- we lack the rest we need.

We had a really good night routine. We got Kai to bed, I did a bit of yoga while Dylan made this awesome “It” themed pumpkin. I was about to go lay down and crack open a new book (one I got during the DI trip) when Kai woke back up…and while I was cuddling him…that’s when my body decided I needed to violently vomit. Fun times. I felt a lot better, we got some sleep, and I felt pretty darn good today. So maybe the throwing up finished up the yuck in my body.

I was really frustrated because it feels that whenever I try to start something- life happens and interrupts. I just started my 30 Days of Mindful Movement Challenge and when I started feeling sick on day 2…I was like…of course. But I am really proud of myself- I didn’t push myself or my body too hard-but I also didn’t quit and did some yoga every day. I am really working on my perfectionism button. I can still accomplish my goals even when they don’t turn out perfect.

Anyways- that pretty much wraps up this blog. I just wanted to drop an update…we have been sick- so not much has been going on. If you are interested in what book I am reading- It is The Zodiac Legacy Book 1. I am only one chapter into it- I have been reading it out loud to Kai while he eats his bottle. It’s definitely more geared for young adults- but I like it so far!

Thank you for reading my little daily ramble- I will see you again soon!


Below is my new book and Dylan’s very cool pumpkin. 🙂


One response to “A review of yesterday.”

  1. Wow! I love the pumpkin! Dylan is really talented. So creative!

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