First Family Halloween!

Hello! I meant to post a few days ago- but due to being busy and tired…we are getting it done today! Gotta love a loose schedule- am I right? That being said, I wanted to share our fun little Halloween! To be honest I was kind of a grump butt because nothing was going to plan…but Kai was adorable.

Kai had a blast playing in the leaves, painting a pumpkin, and dressing up for our favorite scary holiday. I personally just got overwhelmed with trying to cook dinner, hang out with a baby, and handle trick o treaters all at once. BUT- just because momma overwhelmed herself…does not mean I wasn’t glad to be a part of such a special day! I am so grateful that I have such a great partner who was happy to take the boy when he got home and we got to drink out of cute little pumpkin jars.<3

This is a really short little blog- but wanted to post our cute little Halloween! Also wanted to remind you to take. a deep breath and enjoy the day even if it is not matching the plans in your head…because all in all…it was fantastic all the same. Thank you for reading the blog today! Hope you all have a wonderful day and wish Kai an official happy 9-month-old birthday today!



One response to “First Family Halloween!”

  1. How utterly darling!!! You could never claim Kai wasn’t your son! His looks are so Kayte!!

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