Awakened Femininity

Awakened Feminity

While it is not a new idea- as a modern woman and mother, it is a buried one. To embrace and awaken your femininity is both incredibly empowering and terrifying. Before I go any further I need to state very clearly: however you need and want to present, represent, and be in the world is valid. If you are a woman, man, or human…feminity is present. It is an underlying power within all of us. This is my own personal journey in rediscovering my own and finally embracing it- as I was raised by an amazing father, and always tried to present his best qualities through my masculine side. I have always abandoned and neglected the more significant parts of myself that are prominently feminine and sensitive. I have always thought negatively of softness- not realizing being soft and gentle in an incredibly harsh world is braver than you would think. So- I do not want to disregard people with different journeys, different experiences with motherhood, etc. If you are a human being who is kind and doing your best- then you are doing amazing in my book. Now…onto my journey. 

Recently- very recently, I have been reconnecting with the parts of me that have been in the shadows for a very long. Growing up and in the world as an adult- I always tried to put my masculine qualities first. I avoided anything that was usually related to feminine traits- dresses, makeup, emotions. While I don’t believe I did the best job (because I am just emotional and feminine by nature) I liked to basically pretend to be my dad- especially when I was nervous. I would puff my chest, walk broadly, be strong, etc. I honestly find myself enduring and wouldn’t change a thing in that regard because I was emulating someone I admired when I was nervous. “Being” my dad brought me comfort when I needed it. 

However- a different side of me (in my personal opinion- a more genuine side) has emerged. I recently took on a Daily Movement Challenge and in doing so- I promised myself to be true to what brought me joy. In my head, I wanted to do “serious and aggressive” workouts- but in reality…I really enjoyed yoga and dancing. Part of me cringed when I didn’t want to buff out. But, being intentional and keeping the promise I had made to myself- I asked myself why…and long story short…it was because I associated yoga and dancing with femininity. As we discussed that was not a quality I accepted within myself. I again, asked myself why- and my inner child replied: because that is weakness. As an adult…I was alarmed at that response…and again asked why? 

I do not know if this is the correct answer, but here is what I came up with. All the qualities I ever admired growing up…were masculine. In social media, life, school…women and then naturally femininity was always joked (or seriously mentioned) to be weak, less than, crazy, etc. So….why would I want to be those things? Now, I am beginning to realize those thoughts were ingrained in me…so even though I would never consciously agree…my body and my subconscious very much did. 

That leads me to now. I am at the VERY BEGINNING of my journey…and I don’t believe that journey will ever end. Awakening and accepting my femininity. (Hopefully, you have all not been taking shots every time I have said femininity or you would be dead.) What does that mean? Why would this be important to you? To answer the second question…it might not be…but it may also apply to you. To come back to the first question- What does that mean? 

For me, this means continuing to connect with my body. To become secure and find strength in the soft movements in yoga. To release judgment in flowy dresses, being a homemaker, and having big emotions. And to finish up this lengthy blog…a quote that sums up what I want to honor within myself. 

“The feminine energy is flowing and dynamic. Her moves cannot be predicted or explained with the rational mind. She is unrestricted by social norms because she doesn’t follow any rules other than guidance from her own heart. She embodies the frequency of that she wants to experience and then attracts it like a magnet. Nothing can resist her magnetizing nature. Contrary to traditional opinions, the feminine energy is powerful. The feminine strength comes from her soul.” -Sylvia Salow”

That is all for this blog…it’s a long one, but the feminine energy had been on my mind recently. At the end of the day…I want this blog to inspire you to love and accept the parts of you that maybe the world doesn’t. To embrace the power in the quiet and soft qualities you hold. And with that- I hope you have an amazing day.



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