How to decide your future…(I have no idea)

Hello, humans of the internet! Thanks for joining this quick little blog. I have been thinking a lot about my future! What I want to do, what I want to be included, and in doing all that- taking into consideration what is best for my son and dog…and guinea pig (lol). That makes things 100% harder.

So let’s discuss. How do we decide? I think it’s silly that we try to make 18 year old choose what they will do for the rest of their lives. I think this was a reasonable decision when the average life span was 30-35. But now- we have nearly 80 to 100 years on our hands. What are we gonna do with it?

I have wanted a little side job. Something that is not attached to the homemaker title…just to make a little spending money and for a little personal time. I got a job offer- but it was really awkward hours and it wasn’t a good fit for our home. I thought about taking it anyway- just so I felt like I was doing something…but it didn’t feel good in my gut. So I guess that’s how we decide (unless you have indigestion)…with your gut.

I have so many things that I want to do all at once and I easily overwhelm myself because nobody can do everything I want to do all at once. I want to bake, garden, do home renovations (with literally no experience), creat social media content, make some art, be a present and loving mom, be a great pet mom, read, cook, travel, get fit, organize, clean, write, blah, blah, blah. I have an overwhelming list going on.

So, that being said- if any of you have advice on how to decide on your future- I am all ears…or eyes…since I would be reading it. But if you are here for advice- I think the only advice I could give is- try it. If there are things that aren’t life-changing decisions…just go for it. If you want to learn a new skill- do it. New hobby? Try it. If it is a life-changing decision- ponder it, pray about it, meditate on it- and see if it feels good in your gut. Feel like butterflies and sunshine- do it. Feels like a ton of rocks? Maybe think before you jump.

Today I made a decision, due to the rocks in my gut- to not take a job I was excited about. It was kind of sad, but a little disappointment was better than disappearing from Kai’s life for 9 hours a day suddenly, missing out on some quality time with Dylan, and having somebody else walk my dog. Hopefully, ( I believe it is) it was the right decision and I will find something more…” Mom” friendly.

That is all for today. Just thinking about life and thought I would bring you into it. 🙂 Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all again soon. (Also-side note: I will be working on writing my more serious, research-driven blogs. They are just time-consuming and I don’t have much of that.) Thanks again-


Here are some pictures of our new puppy- Mochi. This is your reward for getting to the bottom of the blog. 🙂


3 responses to “How to decide your future…(I have no idea)”

  1. My mom used to tell me that it was wisest to break up life into sections. She noticed young moms were trying to do it all and losing their minds. She said, “They could devote 20 years to JUST raising a family and STILL go to college and have a whole 20+ year career after that easily, they don’t have to try to cram it all in at once.” Now that I am older, I 100% agree.
    A little time/space away from the stress of being a Mom can be good for everyone…key word= little. I know some Mom’s want or need to work a lot more but if you don’t HAVE TO, I don’t recommend it. Those first 4-5 years for kids are THE MOST fundamental, most vitally important years to give them a foundation of safety, love, consistency, reflection/validation, learning, play, joy, connection, and empathy. No one can do that better than attentive parents.
    All the years after that are ALSO important but as Jill says, “whoever builds the blocks, gets the relationship.” Just cuz our society puts parenthood on the back burner with disrespect doesn’t mean society is right to do that.
    Do what’s best for your whole family, not just what feels best for you (i.e. escaping the home for an easier job).
    I have some serious regrets about my choices in my 20’s but being a stay at home mom for the first 4+ years is NOT one of them.
    I had an older friend who graduated college in her 70’s and learned to play piano in her 80’s. I am just now learning to cook in my 40’s…there is TIME. And even if one dies early…where do you want to die? At a job or playing with your son?

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  2. Much to consider

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  3. I’ve had a dream job not work out before, turned out it wasn’t where I needed to be. You made the right decision. Keep putting yourself out there and the right thing for you will show up 🙂

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