Savor the Day

It is easy to get overwhelmed, tired, or just plain sick of your day to day things…especially when you do and repeat them every three hours. For example: changing diapers, feeding a baby, playing peek-a-boo, taking the puppy out to pee, etc. Those feelings are valid and should be acknowledged and not just disregarded. However, today I heard something that kind of stuck with me.

“You will never see this sunrise again. Nor this sunset. You will never eat this breakfast with these people ever again. You will never see that exact same face, feel that exact same hug, or experience these exact same things again. Every day is a once in a lifetime- so savor it.”

Basically, the whole purpose of the quote is to realize that everything is constantly in motion. We are ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever-aging. So savor the day. My puppy will never be a puppy again, Kai will never be 9 months old again, and I will never be 23 again. So I am going to savor the day, and all the poopy diapers, sweet, messy kisses, and all the cold moments watching my silly puppy waddle around outside.

That is all. A simple but powerful thought of the day. Thanks for joining.



One response to “Savor the Day”

  1. 100% agree! Often the very same things that make motherhood soooooo hard are the things that also warm your heart decades later if you managed to savor those precious, temporary, moments.

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