Mental Health Tasks & Resources – Pt. 1

Hello, my fellow humans! Today we are discussing mental health and different energy level tasks that can be taken to maintain and improve it! I will also link some resources that include hotlines, influencers, and other sites that provide help and advice if you are struggling with your mental health. Now without further ado let’s get into it. 

First, it is important to determine your energy levels. Then you can accurately set expectations of yourself and decide which tasks would be most helpful to you at any given moment. If you are currently in the middle of a “low” or are simply overwhelmed with what life throws at you on a daily already- I recommend taking a look at the “Low-Energy Tasks”. If you are in maintenance mode or you are feeling ready to pull up out of the trenches- then you are ready for the “High-Energy Tasks”. It might seem silly, but setting smaller, bite-sized goals will be better for you and your mental health than setting unrealistic goals that are unattainable. Some of the things on the “High-Energy Task” list may seem simple to you. They are. But they are things that people who are neuro-divergent and/or are currently in the slumps typically will find overwhelming and energy-draining. It is important to re-evaluate how you are feeling every day and even throughout the day as your energy level can and will vary. 

Secondly, prioritizing the tasks from most to least important will help you get the things you NEED to do- done. Having a TOP 3 will help you always accomplish the most beneficial/important things whether or not you knock out your whole list or not. The following is my personal way I prioritize MY list. 

>Nutrition & Hydration is #1. You need fuel and water to feel your greatest. So to pick your first task, ask yourself, “Have I eaten today? & Have I drank any water today?” If you get nothing else done today- at the very least…your body is taken care of. There are both low-energy and high-energy tasks listed below.

>Hygiene is #2. For me, it is a close contender with number one as the state of your hygiene can and will affect your mental and physical health. Now, there are hygiene tasks in both the low-energy and high-energy task lists. I will mark what I find to be the first priorities and most important to tend to when you are feeling low. 

>Movement for the Body and the Mind is #3. Getting your energy, blood, and mind moving can really make you feel better and get the negative energy out of your space. Moving physically or completing a task that gets your brain ticking can greatly help your mood. As always, there are both low-energy and high-energy tasks listed below. 

>Environment. Your environment can greatly affect how you feel. It is lower on the list as many factors contributing to your environment are either high-energy tasks or there are factors we cannot control. That being said- there are both low-energy and high-energy tasks listed below. 

>COMMUNICATIONS. This has no particular order on the list and can be somewhat difficult for some people so that is why I listed it last. HOWEVER- communication is key and very important for your mental health. Do you have a support group? Do you have someone to talk to? Do you have access to resources to get the help or support you need? I will have resources posted below. Also keep in mind that your community can be in person, online, or over the phone. If you do not have the support you need at home- there are still plenty of spaces for you to talk and get support. ❤

Today is part one- so we will be covering the Low-Energy Tasks. Part two will cover High energy tasks and mental health maintenance tips. Part three will just be a really short and simple blog detailing some resources that may be beneficial to you. 

Low-Energy Tasks:

  • Nutrition&Hydration
    • #1. Have easy and ready-to-go snacks available to you. They don’t even have to be the “standard healthy” snacks. (Although…getting in some good nutrients is important) Getting in some good ole calories is most important.
    • #2. Have water bottles in your fridge at all times. I personally really like filling up 4 reusable water bottles at night so I can just grab and go during the day. HOWEVER- if it is easier in this moment…just have regular ole’ water bottles in there. Nice fresh water will perk you up on a good day, let alone a bad day.
      • If you are like- eew. Water. I get it. Happens to the best of us. But still drink fluids. I recommend Powerade Zeros, some easy flavor packets, or reward yourself for drinking plain old water. Every 24 oz- you get a little candy or something. It is just important you are hydrated. So get ‘er done. 
    • Have “Liquid Food” as an option. Sometimes when you are feeling crappy- it takes a lot of energy to eat. But your body still needs calories. Have some smoothies on hand, some protein shakes, apple sauce, and yogurt…all good things.
    • Order delivery. Whether you are alone or have a family to feed- sometimes just ordering a pizza makes life easier. I personally use this as a last resort- because it makes my tummy hurt and my wallet cry. However- if you got a steel stomach and some cash- don’t feel guilty for finding a way to get some food to your stomach. 
  • Hygiene
    • #1. Brush your teeth. If you only have the energy for one thing…brush your teeth. I know when I am in the slumps that is usually the first thing to go for me. BUT- your dental health is connected to so many other health issues. If your teeth are healthy- you are setting yourself up to be a lot more healthy overall. If you want to read more specifically about why your dental health is so, so important-here are some resources for that.
    • #2. Brush your hair and wash your face. If you don’t have the energy to take on a full shower- resetting yourself by brushing your hair (to avoid mats or rough dreads) and washing your face is a good step. 
    • #3. Change your clothes. You do not need to get dressed up but get out of those depression sweats…and at least get into a clean pair. Wear something you feel good, comfortable, and confident in. 
  • Movement for the Body/Mind
    • #1. Change your location. Move from your bed to the couch. From the couch to the kitchen table. If you are feeling risky- sit on your front porch and drink some water or coffee.
    • #2. You can just be silly. Crawl, roll, kneel, stand then sit. The basic elements of dance can be your little bit of low-level energy movement. Sounds intimidating but it is really just moving your muscles and body in a way that is easy and calm.
    • Have some “Brain Games” on your phone. Some puzzles, some math games, or things that take coordination. Instead of mindlessly scrolling- get your brain rolling. Here are some of my favorites.
      • Woodoku– a wood puzzle game.
      • Geometry Dash Lite– It is not really a math game, just a game with lots of shapes to jump over, avoid, etc. 
      • Helix Jump- you jump a ball through different levels, collect coins and letters, and avoid the RED spots!
    • Watch a video or listen to a podcast that inspires you. Pick a topic that interests you or inspires you and watch a YouTube video on the subject. I suggest not getting on the TikTok as the endless scrolling can get you deeper in your slump. Be intentional. A go-to person for me is All Things Koze. ( I believe her YouTube name may change.) But she is a very grounded person, has similar beliefs to me, and has similar goals. I always find inspiration from her videos.
  • Environment
    • Pick-up (NOT CLEANING) a small space. Cleaning is a high-energy task. You are welcome to do so- but picking up is a lower-energy task that is simple and manageable. Examples:
      • Collect all coffee mugs and cups from your room and take them to the kitchen. 
      • Clear off your side or coffee table.
      • Pick up all the dirty clothes off your floor and put them in the laundry bin. 
      • Pick up any trash and throw it away.
    • Open up your curtains and open your windows (if the temperature allows). Getting some sunlight and fresh air in your space will lighten the mood.
    • Light a candle. Make sure it is in a clutter-free and safe area and light a candle. Your favorite scent lingering in your home can do wonders. 
    • Put on some of your favorite music, podcast, or sounds for background noise. 
    • Text a friend. You don’t even have to announce you are down in the dumps. Just talking to someone you love and who loves you can lift your spirits tremendously. 
    • Use social media cautiously. Like with anything too much of something is never good. Social media can be a great way to catch up with friends and family. Interact with groups of like-minded individuals. It can also be a source of spiraling as well. This is a good time to take some internal inventory. Is social media a source of your unhappiness or a source of support?
    • If you are feeling alone and isolated, having harmful thoughts, or just need someone to talk things through- please reach out.
      • A 24/7 Crisis Hotline can be reached by dialing 741741. Text or call. 

I realize this is a really long blog- but I just want to provide as much information as I can. I will be posting part 2 and part 3 hopefully sometime this week so stay tuned. Thank you for reading and I hope I will see you again soon!



2 responses to “Mental Health Tasks & Resources – Pt. 1”

  1. Well, your blog got me to do my dishes, laundry, and lymph drain so far…um, this is a medium energy day. Lol. I’m moving VERY slowly (probably so as not to stir up any trauma in my body to the surface)… but I AM still able to do stuff. Rushing tends to trigger me into extremes… into do nothing modes soon after.
    Thanks for your inspirational article!!!


  2. Lots of good ideas, Kayte! Especially liked the order..hydration/food, teeth, & face! Helps every day, no mater!

    Liked by 1 person

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