High-Energy Tasks and Maintenance Checklist

Hello fellow humans! Welcome back to part two of my mental health tasks and resources blogs. If you missed the first one, we just went over the difference between high-energy tasks and low-energy tasks, how to prioritize your todos, and then went over some low-energy tasks in each category. In this blog, we will cover some high-energy and maintenance tasks for when we are feeling good, solid, and consistent. I would first like to make it very clear that if you do not have the energy for the following tasks- that is okay. Visit my last blog for low-energy tasks. We are all on our own journey, which comes with many ups and downs. There will be days that you can check everything off on this list- and others that you can barely do one task on the other. That being said- let’s get into it. 

High-Energy Tasks

  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Hygiene:
    • Full Body Reset
      • Dry Skin brushing (What is skin-brushing and why?)
      • Shower- shampoo, conditioner, body wash, exfoliate, and shave 
      • Moisturize and do a skin care routine. Mine is really simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I just make sure I have a clean face, apply witch hazel toner with a cotton pad, and apply a face moisturizer
      • Clean your ears, brush your teeth, floss, mouth wash
      • Get in some clothes that are clean and you feel happy and independent in to take on the day. 
  • Movement For The Body/Mind:
    • 30 minutes of Daily Mindful Movement
    • Have some “Brain Games” on your phone. Some puzzles, some math games, or things that take coordination. Instead of mindlessly scrolling- get your brain rolling. Here are some of my favorites.
      • Woodoku– a wood puzzle game.
      • Geometry Dash Lite– It is not really a math game, just a game with lots of shapes to jump over, avoid, etc. 
      • Helix Jump- you jump a ball through different levels, collect coins and letters, and avoid the RED spots!
    • Problem Solve. Take on a task that you may have been avoiding due to not being sure how to do it. Wake up your brain! Problem solve! Get a little serotonin from completing a task! 
  • Environment 
    • Clean. When you are low energy- just picking up is a great way to stop from feeling overwhelmed and makes it easier for when you have high energy, to complete cleaning tasks.
      • 40 Printable Cleaning Charts. Find the one that fits your home and schedule!
      • Make sure all the surfaces in your house are decluttered and wiped clean.
      • Resolve relationships in your home. Take on the hard conversations. Make sure kind, loving, supportive people surround you. 
      • Sage your house. It might seem silly but refreshing your home includes getting rid of any negative energy that you have accidentally accumulated in your home. 
  • Communications
    • Take a class, join a group, or attend a local event. Get out there, make friends, try new things, and find your people! 
    • Reach out to your friends, grab dinner or a drink, do a group activity, etc. 
    • Reach out to the family that you may haven’t talked to in a bit. (If you have a healthy and non-toxic relationship). 
    • Interact on social media! Make some new friends, catch up with old ones. 
    • Always build and nurture your support system. Be there for it and it will be there for you when you need it. A community goes a long way in a life that likes to isolate. 

Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Are you well-fed, well-hydrated, and feel comfortable with your relationship with food?
  2. Do you feel comfortable in your space? Is it to your satisfactory level of clean? Is there good energy, smells, and sounds in the air?
  3. How do you feel in your body? Have you thanked your body for bringing you this far? Have you thanked your body for all the jobs it does in a day? Have you given your body everything it needs today? Rest, nutrition, water, and movement?
  4. How does your mind feel? Are you carving out space in your day to check in with your feelings? Have you taken a moment to take deep, even breaths today? Take a moment to care for your mind. It works the hardest every day.
  5. Have you communicated your needs? Have you spoken for yourself today? Have you nurtured your support system?

That is all for today. I apologize for the wait- I got a little caught up in multiple projects, kids, and dogs. If you made it this far in the blog- thank you! I know these blogs are longer than usual- but I think it is so important to take care of your being. Mind, body, and spirit. I am preparing a New Year’s Packet that you will be able to download to help reset your year. Kayteable is not about resolutions, but getting to know yourself and helping support personal growth. I will provide resources, templates, and tips to create your year’s intentions, and reflections, and help support your journey. Keep an eye out I will be posting the link to download said packet sometime in December! Thanks again- until next time-


Some pictures of the boys as a reward for getting to the bottom. Kai got a new haircut and Dylan is somehow pulling off my glasses better than me. ❤


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  1. Look at your high energy self knocking out these lists/blogs/and plans of attack! You got this!!! What great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing these tips & tricks for everyone at every level of capacity. 💖

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