2023 Intentions

Hello fellow humans! Welcome to the New Year. I believe that resolutions, while well intended, are overused and not very successful- and that’s where intention setting comes in. Resolutions are old, tried, and failed. While maybe well-intentioned, resolutions come with the expectation of being a brand new “you” at the beginning of the year, and that’s not how change works.

Intentions, however, provide the opportunity for growth and still leave room for human behavior aka mistakes. What I also like about intentions, is that you can create goals that support them- but they come second on the priority list. For example, if your intention is “I intend to care for my well-being” and your goal underneath that is “I want to lose weight”- then if you are extra tired one day or you are at a social event- you can do things that benefit your well being, but may not aid in your weight loss. (Intention first, goals second.) Make sense?

I could sit here and mansplain that to you in more detail- but I think I would rather show you through my own set of intentions. Let’s get into it.

2023 Intentions

Personal: I intend to care for my mind, body, and spirit as I would care for others.

As a Mother: I intend to create a consistent, loving, and kind environment for Kai.

As a Partner: I intend to bring love, patience, and open-mindedness to the table.

For Mochi (Dog): Intend to be patient and understanding with all the puppy love.

For my Home: I intend to have a peaceful, warm, loving home.

For Kayteable: I intend to focus on how I can best be of service to others rather than success.

For my job: I intend to bring joy and consistency to the nursery and blog I work for.

2023 Goals


  1. Go to the gym consistently and gain some muscle. I want to be able to lug that little one around for as long as I can.
  2. Eat food that supplies me with nutrients and energy I need.
  3. Have a healthy and soulful bedtime routine. (No phone, journal, and read.)
  4. Continue my Duolingual streak. I am at 39 days in a row as of today.
  5. Be mentally kind to me. Relearn how to speak kindly, patiently, and lovingly to myself and let go of toxic and unhelpful thoughts.

As a Mom:

  1. Create and stick to a morning routine with Kai. (Wake up, diaper/clothes change, brush hair, sing songs, bottle, and out for the day.)
  2. Create and stick to a bedtime routine with Kai. (Bathtime, brush hair & teeth, bedtime book, bottle, and bed.)
  3. Set aside 1 hour a day that is 100% Kai time. No multitasking. Just Kai.
  4. Help Kai discover new foods off my plate and chat with him about it.
  5. When the weather permits- take Kai out in nature on adventures, walks, and time in the garden.

As a Partner:

  1. Listen. Be sure to hear and absorb what my partner has to share before responding.
  2. Don’t nag- communicate. If something needs to change around the house or something is bothering me, communicate my need rather than nag about the little things.
  3. Never go to bed angry. If there is negativity, clear it before you sleep on it.
  4. Support each other in each of our journeys.
  5. Continue to love and adore each other exactly as we are in this moment.

For my Home:

  1. Pick up every day to reduce clutter.
  2. 1 load a day of dishes and laundry.
  3. Wipe down the shower after we use it.
  4. Bring as much happy, energetic, and loving energy into the home as we can. Don’t bring the world inside. It is much better out where it belongs.
  5. Thank our home regularly for protecting us and giving us a safe place to call home.

For Mochi:

  1. Take a deep breath whenever Mochi behavior ensues before reacting.
  2. Taking 10-15 minutes in the morning and at night to train.
  3. Take Mochi out for happy walks.
  4. Praise the positives.
  5. Live with the knowledge that these are his troubled years and we love him regardless of imperfect behavior.

For Kayteable:

  1. Be honest and real about progress, set backs, and opinions.
  2. Post consistently.
  3. Share what will benefit people in their daily lives.

For my Job:

  1. Be creative and patient with the kids in my nursery class.
  2. To write blogs that I support with my own morals and values.
  3. Put hard work into everything I do.
  4. Have a schedule and a plan.
  5. Be on time.

That is all for the blog today. Let me know what your yearly intentions are! I hope that by sharing my own intentions and goals, it gave you some inspiration of some ideas for yourself. Thank you for reading and until next time-


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