5 Ways I am Approaching Life Differently in 2023

Hello fellow humans! Today I just wanted to share five ways I am taking a different approach toward my goals and attitudes this year for two reasons. 1. I can look back and see if these made a difference in my well-being. 2. Maybe it will give you ideas on how to approach some of your old goals in a new way. Without wasting any more of your “eye time”- let’s get into it.

  1. No scale. In the past, I have used a scale as a main measurement of my health journey. This year- I weighed myself once on January 1, 2023 and my goal is to not step on the scale until January 1, 2024. Unless I go to the doctor- I don’t want to use the number on the scale to dictate how I feel about my progress. I will be using progress pics, mood, and how I feel overall as my guide to how I am doing.
  2. I am lucky and everything works out for me. I usually joke around that I am unlucky- as events in my life tended to go slightly awry. This year, I am going to tell myself I am lucky and everything works out for me and hopefully I manifest a luckier outcome for myself this year.
  3. Progress, not perfection. I always gave this advice to others and never took it myself. This year, however, I am not going to allow myself to self-destruct if I am not perfect with my goals. Let’s see how treating myself as a human being treats me.
  4. Food has no morals. I am not going to communicate to myself or others that I am eating healthy or unhealthy. But rather, I will say that I am feeding myself things that generate nutrition, happiness, and energy. I am not going to demonize a slice of cake or glamorize quinoa.
  5. This year is for cultivating skills. I tend to want to be successful in everything I do and be the best at it. If I couldn’t be perfect, I avoided the skill altogether. That has deprived me of many skills. This year, I am going to put effort into anything I wish to learn. Even if I suck at it.

I am hoping that these small changes create big changes in my life. Mindset is the foundation for all actions- so I am hoping that a better mindset generates better actions. Thank you for reading today and let me know what changes you will be making this year.



Welcome to the MIND. BODY. SPIRIT. RESET 2023 by kayteable. We are saying goodbye to resolutions this year and saying hello to intention-setting and personal growth. This 80-page PDF is a collection of resources, tools, and information to help you take care of your overall health. 

This is a reminder that this book is to guide, aid, and bring out the potential you already have within you. This is a tool- not a rulebook. Here is to a better and healthier future!


3 responses to “5 Ways I am Approaching Life Differently in 2023”

  1. grateful2bsaved Avatar

    Wowzers! I see your BOOK advertized along with your amazing blog this month! How did we all get so lucky??!!!
    I’m excited to dive into your book and these January ideas are getting me off to a good start! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with all of us. 💜

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  2. Sounds like a great year ahead for you and for anyone who tries those things to make them happier! Glad you are recognizing your worth!

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  3. grateful2bsaved Avatar

    I like your unique intentions! They are less measurable, less action oriented, more about creating certain environments, attitudes, and habits. Great ideas with a more broad scope that can include balance and generalized improvemebts!

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