Presence in the Present

Hello fellow humans. Being sick on and off the past two weeks have inspired me to finally start ticking off the blogs on my “Mindful Living” page- starting with “Presence in the Present.”

Alongside myself, my little one is also sick. If you are a person, you know being sick sucks. If you are a parent, you know being sick can be like walking into a war. However, I have recently learned a tip from a creator Struthless and I am trying to apply it to my own life. He gave a journaling prompt for when bad things happen. “How is this the best thing that has ever happened to me?” This line of thought led me to think: I have been living a lot more in the present.

Now, this is partially because I am just trying to survive to the next hour- but it’s also because out of all the things you can do for your baby, a momma snuggle all day seems to be the main cure. I have been forced to slow down and enjoy cuddles with my son.

Now, all my plans for this week, goals I wanted to accomplish, and a perfectly clean house is off the table. But I find it interesting that out off all the things that I had held at high importance in my mind- didn’t really matter anymore when my son wanted me to hold and rock him all day. It reminded me that while yes, having a clean house is ideal. Having a few dishes in the sink and sitting down to enjoy the present has so much more value.

This is a commonly said but how can it be commonly done? I have a few tips that can ground you in the moment (even in the busy ones) and help us stay rooted to what matters. Some might not be for you and if that’s the case then just leave what doesn’t suit you and take the rest. With that, let’s dive in.

5 Tips for Being in the Present

  1. Take 5 Deep Breaths. Don’t dismiss the power of breath. It will help calm your nervous system, calm the anxieties, and help you feel more balanced. A balanced mind is a present mind. I find that 8 is the magic number. * counts breathing in, 8 counts breathing out. Put your hand on you belly to be sure you are filling it with breath. This can also help ground you to the present.
  2. Shift into Manual. We often do everyday tasks on autopilot and we can help ground ourselves by being fully present for the task and THINK about each step. Doing the dishes? No. You are turning the water to hot, grabbing a dish, applying soap, scrubbing the dish, rinsing the dish, and drying the dish. It may sound silly, but fully absorbing an activity can help ground you to the moment rather than letting your mind chase around overwhelming thoughts.
  3. Notice 5 New Things. Look around your physical space and don’t stop until you notice 5 new things you have never noticed before. This might take 1 minute, or it might take 10. But it will help you take in the moment, take in your surroundings, and bring you into the moment and out of your head.
  4. Check your in with your senses. What is one thing you can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel? This once again gives your brain a task in the moment and takes us out of our thoughts.
  5. Journal. Brain dump. If your head is overwhelmingly busy- dump it in a journal and leave it. When you have more time, more energy, or just are ready to tackle it- revisit your brain dump and organize it. This can be an outlet to be able to sleep, be able to enjoy an unproductive day, or just get stuff off your chest so you can enjoy your day.

I hope that we can all enjoy the presence in the present and continue this year being happy and healthy. May this “ick” go away soon and the cuddles stay forever. Thank you for reading my thoughts today.


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One response to “Presence in the Present”

  1. Baby snuggles with Momma are top priority for sure. Glad you are aware to connect with his soul for such precious moments. Your tips are great…I will especially try the magic 8 breath count. Presence in the present…Nice headline.

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