Things I want to learn this year.

Hello. I decided in January that this is the year I want to cultivate skills.So for a very simple blog today- here are the things I would like to learn this year. A short blog for a gal that’s short on time. Thanks for reading and supporting me. -Kayte

Things I want to learn this year…

  1. Be able to do a handstand.
  2. Learn how to compost in my backyard.
  3. Be able to grow a sustainable garden for myself and my family.
  4. Be able to print a book.
  5. Learn how taxes work.
  6. Collect the skills to run a business.
  7. Be able to be hands on with Kai.
  8. Learn how to build and stick to a budget.
  9. Learn how to balance being authentic and aesthetic.
  10. Be able to hold a simple conversation in Spanish.
  11. Learn how to use all the equipment in the gym confidently.
  12. Be able to switch all the everyday house products to homemade, natural, and budget friendly products.
  13. Learn how to network.
  14. Be able to understand football. (To support Dylan)
  15. Learn how to be happy with progress and not perfection.

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2 responses to “Things I want to learn this year.”

  1. Big ambitions!
    Go get ’em!


  2. Wowed! Be sure you enjoy as you go along. Happiness each day is important!!


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