One gallon of water makes a lot of pee. (Day 2/75)

Day #2 (January 27, 2023) 

Personally, for me was a great day! I felt productive and motivated! I feel like kickstarting my day with a workout really gets the ball moving for an active day overall. I noticed last night I was ready for bed around bedtime…so this challenge is seeming to get my circadian rhythm back in check already. 

So far, I am feeling that this challenge will be easier for me than it has been for some on some levels just because I was already fairly regular with all the rules in my life already. It really is just a push to do it every day. Drinking 1 gallon of water every day is really kicking my butt though. I am doing really good at getting it done- but man my post-pregnancy and diabetic body is really having to pee every 20 minutes. I know this will balance out a bit more as my body adjusts- but I nearly peed my pants trying to rock the baby to sleep for 30 minutes. 

I also realized today that my meal preps are accidentally super low-calorie due to the low-calorie veggies. So I have been finding myself feeling stuffed and still looking for things to fill up those macros a bit better. Lesson learned- I need some more starches and some caloric-dense proteins for next week. 

Thus far, I have noticed I am just more ontop of my goals, because to fit everything in I have to start in the morning right away. I was done with all my “have-to’s” by 2:30pm and got to just do some extra things and enjoy the time with the family. I also got Dylan doing this challenge and I have to say- it’s really nice and dare I say “sexy” that we are reading together at night. It makes my little book worm heart happy. 

I am really enjoying my book so far- “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” by: Stieg Larsson is really well written and I can see what all the hype is about just being 20 pgs in. I might even read a few more sneaky pages before I go to sleep. I think the few adjustments I had made to the original rules are making this attainable for myself, and really want to encourage you to feel free to make your own tweak to popular challenges to fit your lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you are failing. 

I know there can be a sense of shame in changing a challenge as it can feel that you are admitting defeat before you even start. But the thing is- just like in my case…I didn’t really change much. It is still equally challenging…I just adjusted it to meet my family’s needs. Being a human is a hard challenge all on its own- so you putting in the effort towards yourself is an amazing thing to do all on its own…even if it doesn’t quite fit the trend. 

That being said, tomorrow will be the real challenge as I have to do all of my workouts at home…so that means a little more self-motivation is needed. I work on Tuesdays and Thursdays- so I don’t have time to drag out bottoms to the gym. Wish me luck. 


Reminder of the Challenge Rules

  1. Read 10 pages of a book every day.
  2. Drink 1 gallon of water a day
  3. Stick to a diet of your choice with health in mind. No cheat days. No alcohol. 
  4. Have (2) 45-minute workouts. One must be outside. (My rule: At least workout 90 min a day)
  5. Take a progress picture every day.

Follow my progress on gloopsiedaisy on Instagram. I post my progress photos, meal preps, and goals on there daily!


One response to “One gallon of water makes a lot of pee. (Day 2/75)”

  1. Fantastic progress reports so quickly!! That is amazing!! Awesome!!! I especially love hearing that this might aid your sleep!! Glad to hear it! Keep that general consistency going!

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