A Weekend Vacation (Day 6-8/75 Hard)

Hello! Welcome back! Today we are covering days 6-8 of the 75 Hard Challenge. My family and I went on a little vacation, and while I still did the challenge- I wanted to enjoy the time with my family so I didn’t post daily journals. So here we go…a quick overview-

Day #6:

So, this was Friday- it was super, super busy but we completed everything! It was pack and travel day. I got up early, hit the gym, chugged a bunch of water throughout the day, packed food so we didn’t eat fast food (saved some of that $ as well), and drove down to Salt Lake! Our hotel was super awesome, we felt like rich people for three days. Amazing, I know. I read before bed that night- and took my progress pics! Kai got thrown into the biggest bed he had ever been in over and over, with the biggest giggles ever. Dylan made me some delicious homemade fettuccini alfredo (yeah…we had a kitchen in our hotel room) and we ate some red, white, and blue sherbet for dessert. A blessed life 100%. I also got my 98-day streak of learning Spanish, which is unrelated to the challenge but it is still a daily habit that I am loving!

Day #7

Day seven was the big day (the reason we went on vacation). Dylan was trying out for the Salt Lake Senate Football team. I am so very proud of him- he is very ambitious and always works so hard for the things he wants to do. It was a big scary try-out but he kicked butt and absolutely killed it.

That morning I got in my workout at the fitness center in the hotel- and it was a bit lack-luster. But- I did it. It’s difficult to adjust to a new environment and fall into your usual routine. However, getting up and doing it anyway is a big feat for me. I didn’t quite make the water goal this day- we were busy bees! But I think 110 oz of water is close enough. So I will count it as a win. I read about 10 blog pages and I counted that as my reading as I had to do that for my work and didn’t have the energy for personal reading. And of course, got that 99 say streak in my Spanish lesson.

Kai absolutely loved the breakfast buffet and like chillin shirtless in bed. He was so funny in the hotel. He loved the patterns and the lights and ran around like a hooligan all day. He was very patient waiting in my lap during dad’s tryouts and then absolutely demolished our lunch. We tried the pool- but he was a little eeked out by the other kiddos screaming. Overall- it was more difficult that usual to tick off all the boxes of the challenge today- but I am very proud of myself for doing it anyways.

Day #8

Time to come home. We were all exhausted. We ate some breakfast, packed up, and were on the road by 9:30am. We did a lot when we got home. Unpacked, cleaned up, meal-prepped, and we both went to the gym in shifts. Killed the water goal that day. Read my pages- and overall was very proud…but very, very tired. Happy to be a part of all the action though. And…got that 100 day streak in my Spanish lessons…YAY!!!! Also- check out all those rappers in the picture below. That is what happens when a diabetic has a lot of low blood sugars.

My Overall Thoughts

So far, I have to say on one hand- this challenge is super easy. Already was pretty much doing these things everyday anyways. I just had to add about two to three workouts a week and add about 6 extra ounces of water to my goal to make all the marks. But mentally- it’s been challenging. I think it’s like the elephant thought experiment. When someone says, “Don’t think about an elephant” that is all you can think about. That being said- stating the rules and expectations of yourself…kind of makes you resistant to doing it. It’s like teenage rebellion. But 75 Hard Challenge is stated not as a physical challenge, but as a mental one. so I guess that holds up. I am enjoying that I have been feeling better, being more mindful about what goes into my body, and actively moving my body everyday. I am pretty tired by the end of the day- but it has indirectly fixed my sleeping problem. I am pooped so I pass right out. Kai sometimes has different plans on the sleeping thing- so there’s that…but overall…I am really happy to be a part of this challenge.

One more thought- this challenge is a good example of why you shouldn’t expect perfection from yourself everyday, 24-7. It is so hard and mentally challenging to hit perfect marks everyday. So, if you are starting this challenge without these habits already in place…then be so kind to yourself. I had most of these down already and this challenge is kicking my butt. Don’t let a trending challenge relay your worth. It is amazing that you are showing up trying to make a difference for yourself. If you do have these habits down and you are wanting to do this challenge- be warned…its oddly harder than it sounds. Lastly- if you are a human doing this challenge- the goal is progress not perfection…so have mercy on yourself.

That is all for today- wish me luck.



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  1. grateful2bsaved Avatar

    A group of us gathered round the computer today to read your blog and enjoy your pics. So I speak for the group to say “great job!” 🥳 Congrats to Dylan also for trying out for the senate team. 🥳


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