A Publicly Personal Reset

Hello fellow humans! I am officially on day 27 of 75 Hard and I think it’s time for a personal reset and what better way to do something personal than to do it publicly? All jokes aside- I think it is an important reminder that just because you set goals once- that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revisit them or tweak them as you go along your journey rather than just leaving them in a journal unread until you have successfully completed them. In fact, it is more important to revisit them so that you are more successful, you reset your intentions, and your goals are at the forefront of your mind. That being said- let’s go over my originally set goals and intentions and we will pick what we are focusing on for the next month of April! 

However, before we get into that- I would first like to thank everyone who supported me by buying Mind Body Spirit Reset! It is going to be unavailable now for the time being but hopefully, I can put it back up in the future. Until then- thank you again for all the support. 

Okay- now let’s get into it. First things first- let’s review what my revised version of 75 Hard challenge entails. 

  1. Read 10 pages of a book every day.
  2. Drink 1 gallon of water a day
  3. Stick to a diet of your choice with health in mind. No cheat days. No alcohol. 
  4. Workout/Mindful Movement 90 minutes a day
  5. Take a progress picture every day.

I have been killing it- especially in the gym. I actually got my love, Dylan Corless to start programming for me more seriously now that my prep phase is officially over. I am excited to see myself get faster and stronger in areas I have wanted to for a long time. If you want to stick around and see my progress in that regard you can follow me on Instagram at @gloopsiedaisy and if you like what you see- I encourage you to hit up Dylan on his fitness page @corless.dylan if you want him to program for you or if you are interested in a personal nutrition plan. He has worked really hard to get certified and I would love to see him succeed and get the fruits of his labor. 

I have been slacking a bit on the drinking a gallon a day (I have still been drinking butt loads of water…but I have also been drinking a lot of soda which has taken a good chunk of “water room”) and reading 10 pages a day. I was really enjoying reading at night- but (WARNING: EXCUSE COMING THROUGH) being a mom- sometimes your kid would rather you tackle him for three hours and be too tired to read. While I will still listen to my body over forcing myself to read…I may or may not be up anyways on my phone…so I want to refocus on that aspect of the challenge. Other than those things…I am really enjoying this challenge. It was starting to get a bit repetitive…so I am glad that I decided to shake things up by changing up my workout routine and changing how I post on socials. 

As far as my 2023 Goals- (Check out my “2023 Intentions” blog if you missed it)


I am pretty much demolishing all my personal goals- I am hitting the gym, eating good food, continuing my Duolingo streak (I am on day 119 now), and I am slowly being kinder to myself. As I mentioned before, I would like to work on my nighttime routine by replacing my phone with a book at night…and hopefully getting everyone ready and in bed by latest 10 pm. (I am counting on you, son.) 

As a Mom

As a mom, I have gotten Kai on a pretty good morning routine, he has been trying lots of foods, as the weather has gotten a tad warmer- we have gone outside, and we spend a lot of quality time. As it is with my personal goals- our nighttime routine is suffering a bit…so that will be our main priority this month. 

As a Partner

I don’t want to brag…but I think I am hitting 99.9% of my goals as a partner. I would personally like to improve my communication skills and of course, there is always things to tweak per say…but I am so happy in my relationship and that is due to both my and my partner’s hard work. (Love you, Dylan. Thanks for reading my blog.)

For My Home

To give my home goals credit- every aspect of it has improved…but consistency has been a downfall. So, this month I will primarily focus on consistently putting in love and care into my home daily. Perfection is not expected…just progress. ❤

For Mochi

I have been working on taking Mochi out on walks and being patient with him. To be entirely honest…my Mochi goals kind of got put on the back burner. Don’t worry- he is very much loved and cared for..I just didn’t have much energy for patience…so taking my 75-pound untrained dog out on walks kind of…slipped my mind. So my goal this month is to take him on consistent walks.

For Kayteable

I think we have been on a good track on these goals. I have posted more consistently although it is really my goal to post once a week on here. So, while I think I am doing really well- I would like to make that my April goal…5 blogs posted (Every Sunday). 

For My Jobs

I am going to say good job, high-five, and keep doing what you’re doing! I am really enjoying my experience as a nursery teacher and the opportunity I have gotten to write blogs for local businesses. 

That about wraps it up! Thanks for reading a longer blog today and I hope to see you around (every Sunday this month..right?) For now, happy reading!


One response to “A Publicly Personal Reset”

  1. grateful2bsaved Avatar

    Looks like you’ve been reaching most of your goals and are clear where you want to go from here. Spicing up your routine and living a lovely family life. Congeats so far!!


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