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I am the girl next door- doing the dishes, planting a garden, and so, so , so much more.

I grew up in Southern Idaho, where tiny communities are forgotten by the world but not by those raised there. I was born in 1999, so I am one of those rare collectibles from the ’90s.

I had a religious upbringing in the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) church where I learned most of my homemaking skills. I gained a little bit more life experience when I went on my own separate path away from the church and toward a more authentic self. To be clear- the church has helped many but in my personal life, leaving was a breath of fresh air and a step towards a more truthful version of myself I would (over a long period of time) come to admire. I think younger me would think I was cool.

I had, what some would call a rough childhood, but I think there were a lot of diamonds in that rough. I have three awesome siblings- all younger than me, three very unique and very loved parents, and a sea of people that would become “adopted” as a homemade family.

I have a family of my own now too. I have a son and an amazing partner that has supported me through one of the hardest and most healing parts of my life. I have a full household with the kid, the man, and two animals with “unique” qualities. I have an old crouchitty cat named Chonk. She is so high maintenance for a cat that likes to dissociate against walls most of the time. Then there is Charles. The lone, aggressive guinea pig that has aggressively made his way into our hearts.

I am a human with a lot of healing done and a lot of healing to do. I like to write and post about my adventures both mundane and extravagant to create a relatable space of growth for anyone that crosses my path. Everyone is welcome to come join me in my journey of self-expression and love, mindful living, and creating.

Thanks for getting to know me,

Lots of love,


What you can do at Kayteable.

In any platform, Kayteable was built to be a safe and nurturing place for growth. Read my blogs or see my posts on other platforms about mindful living, being a mom, and creating art. Remember to be kind to your fellow humans and join in the relatable mess that is being a human.

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