Diabetes & Pregnancy

Good morning- it is 1:30 am and I am waiting for my insulin pump to prime…which has inspired me to talk about what it’s been like as a pregnant lady with Type 1 Diabetes. BUT- before I get into the “nitty-gritty”, I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice- this is fellow human advice. My experience will not be your experience- however you might find it interesting and or find it relatable. So with that being said…let’s get into it.

Overall Experience Having Type 1 Diabetes While Pregnant

So if you are new here, you should know that I have had diabetes for a LONG TIME. I am currently 22 years old and this Halloween marked 21 years of having this wonderfully dysfunctional pancreas. (That’s the organ that fails you and gives you diabetes if ya don’t know. 😉 ) That being said, this is the first time since puberty that I was thrown some curve balls. The way it effected my blood sugars is actually one of the main reasons I even found out I was pregnant so early (4ish weeks) because it kicked my butt IMMEDIATELY. I luckily have an amazing care team and specifically an amazing diabetes specialist that I have had since nearly the beginning of my diabetes journey. Therefore I have had a lot of help, I have been able to somewhat nip any problem I’ve had immediately. So let’s go through the fun, shall we?

(If you are looking for a good medical source on Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy click on the hyper-link to see the CDC’s recommendations and also be sure to see your doctor ❤ )

1st Trimester/ 1-12 Weeks

My first trimester was the WORST. Don’t get me wrong, I would happily go through it again for the little one- BUT. IT. KICKED. MY. ASS. Staying true to they typical diabetic experience (confirmed my my doctor) my blood sugars were constantly crashing during my whole first trimester. That would have been a mild dream- an excuse to inhale as many sweets and fun drinks as I wanted…but I was extremely nauseas. For about 12 weeks it was a war between shoving food in and heaving food out. I was extremely dependent on good ol’ apple juice as liquids were easier to consume and hold down. Bonus- I saved on insulin costs as I almost never had to bolus due to the low blood sugars. But overall- 1/10 on the experience. It was a rough time.

2nd Trimester/ 12-24 Weeks

So I am currently in my 24th week- so I am near the end of this stage. The first 6 weeks, I was in mild bliss. The blood sugars evened out and I started eating a little bit. I have struggled with eating much throughout my whole pregnancy- nothing sounds good- blah, blah, blah- but overall, I felt pretty decent for the first 6 weeks of my second trimester. 6/10.

The past 6 weeks- were a little rougher. My blood sugar now likes to hang out in the higher side. Luckily, I got a sensor a.k.a. a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) so I can keep my blood sugar in range. I have just gained a real appetite in the past 5 days. So trying to contain my excitement on being able to feebly inhale food in order to control my blood sugars has been a tad annoying but 100% necessary for both my health and the baby’s. For the past six weeks I give it a 5/10.

Hopefully the last bit of my pregnancy is a tad easier in the diabetes department as I FINALLY after working on getting an insulin pump- it arrived a few days ago and I got to put it on tonight. I would like to do a future blog on how I feel about my current pump vs my childhood insulin pump but as for now- I am just excited! It communicates with my CGM and auto-corrects my basal rate to make correcting my blood sugar easier. It also takes away the stress of having to remember daily long lasting insulin, calculating manual boluses every time I need to eat or make a correction, and just general blood sugar stressors. 10/10.

Pregnancy by itself has had some pretty cool sides to it- but the diabetes side of it has been a learning experience and a challenging one at that. I am really excited to see how my experience changes with my insulin pump and sensor- I will update you on my thoughts and feelings associated with those in the future. As for now- I hope you are all feeling happy and healthy- I will see you all again soon!