“2022 Is Going To Be Your Year.” Blogmas 12.22.21.

Having a fresh start, a new beginning, or a clean slate at the beginning of every year is kind of a silly concept. In reality- yesterday was full of just as much potential as tomorrow will hold. However, we do have to take into account that mentally- it does have the effect of a reset. We also have to take into account that the mere idea of a reset can hold a lot of subconscious or conscious expectations and pressure- that later will take a toll on how we are working on our goals or feel about where we are at.

I am not here today particularly to give you advice…just perhaps perspective. This is something I struggle with. I hold myself to so many expectations that they get too overwhelming and I get nothing done…and then I am proving my inner-self right that I can’t do anything properly. Intellectually- I know this line of thinking is stupid and rather black and white thinking for a very grey world we live in. That being said- the following are things that I have noticed, thought of, and thought I would share- NOT because I have perfected any of these things. Now without further ado- my thoughts on our restarts for 2022:

  1. We can help our future selves by setting ourselves up for success. Try some healthy foods now, start some yoga now, maybe try meditating…now. By no means make it your main focus- enjoy the holidays…but implementing what we want to be core habits in January in December can help the personal “culture shock” of changing our mindsets. Even just roll out the yoga mat to eat cookies on it. I don’t know. Set yourself up for success, not perfection.
  2. Accept you are going to mess up. You are not going to have 365 days of a perfect workout routine or new diet. It’s very likely to “mess up” in the first few days. I don’t know why people (including myself) expect us to do something new perfectly right from the beginning. Babies and infants would be a lot scarier if they all just did everything functionally without stumbling or falling a bit first. Take baby steps…and accept that those come with a few trips and stumbles.
  3. Have you had the same goal since 2009? Still haven’t done it? I am not saying by any means to give up on those goals- but be sure to reassess that those goals are current you…and not just a left out 2009 you. Tweak the goals to fit the you that currently exists. For example- for years, I have wanted to be the fittest person on the planet. Abs and all. Now…I very much want to spend a lot of my time at the gym…but I could care less if I get the abs. I just want to be able to take my baby on fun adventures and stop making Dylan open cans and jars for me. Old me wanted aesthetic. New me wants superior functionality. Review. Revise. Renew your goals.

I have had a few people, some strangers, come up to me and mention that they feel that 2022 is going to be my year. That this is the year that I manifest things that I have wanted desperately for years. I don’t know what that means exactly- this year was full of surprises…I am not even sure what my perfect future looks like. But this is a year that I am excited and absolutely terrified to face.

I don’t know you and I don’t know what you are looking for this next year- but I hope that we all make it our year…even if it’s full of surprises. I hope we discover a little bit more about ourselves and even more about each other. With that being said I wish you all a happy reading and I will chat with you all soon. Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.