Thoughts on a Mindful Environment.

Happy Monday and welcome to today’s blog! It’s the time of year where gifts are often given and received, things are collected, the home becomes cluttered from the holidays. While it all can bring great joy- today I was thinking to myself about the importance of a mindful environment-specifically along the lines of minimalism and thought that I would share my thoughts with you.

In my own personal experience- my environment such as my room or living space often reflects how I am feeling on the inside. If I am feeling particularly messy or sad- my space almost immediately follows suit and in a similar fashion when I am feeling productive and positive- the room around me is tidy and bright.

But- it is also important to realize that as much as the inside affects how we present the outside…the surrounding space around you can and will affect the inside. So this year- I challenge both you and myself to consider what you are giving and what you are receiving. How does the new collection of things affect how you feel? Will the person that is receiving your gifts use, need, and enjoy the gifts given?

Mindfulness does not mean be ungrateful for gifts or be “un-creative” when giving gifts. In fact it is the opposite. Being fully aware of each gift given and each gift received helps us appreciate each one fully and also stay present in this busy time of year.

All this blah, blah, blah aside- here are key reminders that help me and may help you:

  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you shouldn’t be- just sitting in your personal space? It might just be the space itself. Tidy up- de-clutter- take a deep breath and check back in with how you are feeling.
  • Less is often time more. An old phrase but it is easily forgotten in a time where consumerism is strong and thriving.
  • When asked what you want for Christmas-really think about what you want- not just throw an easy answer out. (That’s how you get a lot of clutter gifts. πŸ™‚ )
  • When you ask what others want for Christmas- ask a more specific question to help them think of what they truly want or need! Ex: What book would you like? What do you need in your kitchen? Sounds weird- but if you know a person, you probably know their interests and these types of questions helps avoid giving them doubles and pinpoints what they really want or need.
  • A mindful environment is not a one stop shop. You may de-clutter one week and need to do it again the next. Of course not every time we revisit our space will it be a huge overhaul- but just like a car or your health- it needs maintenance.

I plan on doing a more in depth discussion of a mindful environment in the future, but for now these are just my rambly thoughts on screen. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! Please leave your own tips or questions down below on the topic…or even just whatever is on your mind today. πŸ™‚