100 Days of 0% Social Media

September 16- December 25, 2021

Starting a few days ago I decided I wanted to distance myself from social media to recenter myself and be more present in the life I am living. I wanted to post both my reasoning and my goals that I hope to accomplish during this time both for accountability and to perhaps motivate you to encourage growth during the holidays instead of waiting for the New Year. I also plan on posting semi-regular updates on how I am feeling, how my goals are going, and how I am succeeding or struggling with my journey.  That being said- let’s get into the goals for my 100 days with 0% social media. 


  1. I want to spend my time either productive OR in a way that brings me happiness. I want to reduce wasting my time mindlessly scrolling. 
  2. I want to fully focus on my goals. Building new habits while maintaining a life is hard enough on it’s own- let alone adding easy distractions to the mix. 
  3. I would like to re-discover who I am without social media labels and the pressures to fit those labels that come from being online. I want to make sure I am doing things because I like to do them and not just because I put a pressure on myself on my socials to do so or to be a specific type of person. 
  4. I want to be more PRESENT in my life and with the people I am with. 
  5. I would like to use this time to grow, develop skills, and re-ground myself.

100 Days of 0% Social Media Goals

My plan is to develop “base habits” in the first 10 days and then every 10 days add a new goal and add to the existing habits. I am hoping this creates easy going, maintainable habits that I would like to have for the foreseeable future. I am also setting up “check-in” journal entries so I can see where I am succeeding, where I am struggling, and how my mood is affected over time. 

I would also like to note that I downloaded Duolingo on my phone so that when I am in a public setting or need a mental break to be on my phone- I have something to “entertain” me while also adding to a skill I would like to obtain which is speaking Spanish. I also have YouTube and Spotify to listen to beneficial videos, podcasts, and music. NOW- the following are the habits I plan to develop during this time.  

September 16

  • Plan goals and delete socials off of my phone. 

September 17- September 27 (Base Habits)

  • 15 minutes meditation daily
  • Take vitamins (prenatals, probiotics, vitamin c), insulin, & 100 oz water a day
  • Sleep 8-10 hours a night (Goal bedtime: 8-10pm; Goal wake up: 6am-8am)

September 28- October 08

  • 15 minutes of intentional movement
  • Add 5 minutes of meditation (Total 20 minutes)

October 09- October 19

  • 10 minutes of writing (journaling, creative writing, etc.)
  • Add 5 min of intentional movement (Total 20 minutes)

October 20- October 30

  • I have at least one healthy meal (meal prepped) everyday
  • Daily gratitudes in journal

October 31- November 10

  • 15 minute daily pick-up
  • “Why I love my partner” in my journal

November 11- November 21

  • Try one new recipe a week for dinner
  • Add 5 minutes writing (Total 15 minutes)

November 22-December 02

  • Transition daily writing to writing my book (Total 15 minutes)
  • Add 10 minutes to movement (Total 30 min)

December 03- December 13

  • Read nightly before bed (Goal: 15-30 minutes)
  • Add 1 meal to meal prepping (2 meals a day)

December 14- December 24

  • Transition 15 minutes writing a day to 3-5 page goal
  • Add 5 minutes to daily pick-up (Total 20 minutes)

December 25

  • Reflect

That is all for the day’s blog- thank you all for reading. I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do today and wish me luck the next 100 days. Hope you all have a great night and happy reading!


Drink of the Day

Iced green tea-peach flavor-coconut milk ❤