Coffee Talk: What my mother taught me.

My mother and I have a peculiar relationship. Not quite you’re typical mother-daughter scenario…and while yes-that came with some struggles…it came with a great amount of benefits that I think others missed out on and I wouldn’t trade what I have for anything in the world. That being said- I was thinking about all the things that my mother has taught me…and I thought in the spirit of the holidays and over a cup of coffee- I would share some of the nuggets of wisdom that came for and un-ordinary childhood and an extraordinary person to have for a mom.

BUT- before we get to that list-Hi Mom! Thanks for being my biggest fan and supporter not only of the blog but of me no matter what I do or have done. I hope I use what you’ve given me to become an extraordinary woman someday. And without further ado- here is what my mother taught me.

  1. Dance it out. Ever since I was little, I remember my mother dancing. She always says that she knows she is misaligned with fer sense of self when she can’t bring herself to dance. While I don’t dancing the exact same way she does- I find that whenever I feel stuck or overwhelmed…putting in some earbuds and dancing it out always helps to find clarity or relief. So when in doubt…dance it out.
  2. Write it down. Much like dancing-writing can bring clarity to a situation, bring life to an idea, remind you of what you have forgotten. It’s amazing what pen to paper can do to help sort what matters from what is just empty thoughts cluttering the mind.
  3. Adventure is waiting. Fear of the unknown can be captivating company. Mom never seemed to fear much of anything. While that can get you into a tad of trouble…she provided me with the truth that adventure is waiting. That if you put your mind to it…anything is possible. To put yourself out there and to trust that even if you make mistakes…there is something to be learned just as much or maybe even more from the missteps than the right ones.
  4. Never stop growing. One thing my mom never stops doing is strive to learn new things, new ways…learn how to better herself, her health, and how to improve relationships she has. She has never let fear of change or judgment stop her from asking questions, making life changes, and always striving to be a better variations of herself…even if that growth was to except herself as she is. I have always admired her ability to adapt, to grow, and to constantly work towards being her best self.
  5. Forgive. Maybe even to a fault…my mom has an endless pit of forgiveness in her heart. But even if it is to a fault I have learned how much power it is to forgive. Perhaps a lesson for her is to not forget…(Love you mom. ) but so much kindness was born in the heart of forgiveness. I hope to be kind enough forgive others as she has herself.
  6. Health is of utmost importance. Taking care of yourself- both mentally and physically is so important. For both the relationship with yourself but also how you interact with others. The importance of balancing both mental and physical health may be a battle, but one worth fighting.
  7. Lists are key. My mom has chaotic organization. But lists…lists are key. Todo lists, adventure lists, books to read, etc. They are very handy for personal use…or for blogs. πŸ˜‰
  8. Communication is ought to be had. Through out life, whether its conversing with a loved one, teaching a child, talking to a friend, or discussing expectations in a relationships…communication ought to be had. Get it out in the air. Don’t assume and don’t expect to have wordless understanding.
  9. Humans tend to be bad but there is always good. Mother has a tendency to see the good in the “bad” people. While that can be dangerous…I admire the diamond in the rough. That everyone has a chance to succeed rather than a probability to fail in her mind. So…humans tend to be bad…but there is always good.
  10. How to listen. I could ramble on for hours…and trust me…so can she. But she listens. Intently-to every word and if she misses something you bet your ass you will repeat is so she can listen some more. She made me a good listener.

There are so many more things that have been taught…but I do believe that’s all I have to share for today. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog about what is on my mind. Thanks Mom for all that you taught me. πŸ™‚ Let me know in the comments what you learned from those you love and if you like reading this type of blog!