40 Days No Social Media Update- I Forgot What I Was Doing

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your day! If you have been following along, you know that 40 days ago I started a personal project of not having social media for 100 days where every ten days I add a habit and work on developing a personal routine that supports a healthier and happier life. Well- the past 10 days, I seem to have forgotten I was doing this.

(If you want to follow along here is the original blog: 100 Days with 0% Social Media)

While obviously- it was on my mind- I simply have done nothing on my goals list for the past few days. Due either to not feeling my best or just not being mindful with how I spent my day. I am tempted to hide these 10 days from you as it felt I was failing my goal- but that would not be giving an honest reflection of how life works sometimes: how working on yourself is not just a straight line in the right direction. 

So- the next ten days October 31- November 10 will be a refocus on what I want to be working on. Here are the goals for this “week”:

  1. 20 min meditation
  2. Vitamins, insulin, and 100 oz of water
  3. Sleep 8-10 hours a night
  4. 20 min intentional movement
  5. 10 min writing+ Daily gratitudes + “Why I love my partner” in journal
  6. 1 meal prepped meal
  7. 15 min daily pick up

I am simply not expecting perfection- these are my ideal goals for my daily routine. I am a normal (not really not we like to pretend) lady trying her best to better herself. I still have life going on- growing a little wiggle worm baby (he never stops moving), work, being in a relationship, being an adult, etc. These are not excuses for not doing or accomplishing my goals- but I have noticed in my own experience while watching “influencers” is that they expect perfection from themselves and that always translates to myself and my own goals. I must be perfect or my goals are not worth doing- and that is not the message I ever want to send here on my blog. 

I want everyone to feel safe to work on themselves at their own pace. The world is crazy and we all have a lot going on. The fact you even want to be better- is a step. So, I hope you feel inspired to work on whatever you have been putting off without the expectation of perfection. 

That is all for today’s blog- I will see you all soon! As for now, I wish you all happy reading!