Coffee, Anxiety, and a Baby later…

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. For good reason, I suppose…but I think it’s finally time for you all to officially meet the newest addition to our family. I stated before that I didn’t want this to become a mommy blog. The idea is still true but the reality is- is that as I am a new mother so everything I write about can and probably will be tied to being a “mommy”. That’s not to say that I can’t talk about anything but the baby- but I think naturally that is my focus and since this blog is about me…its about him…so speaking of him-

Meet our newest addition. Born weighing 10.5 pounds and 20.5 inches long at five weeks premature: Kai Andrew. He came into the world on February 02, 2022 just how he lives it…stubborn and on his time frame. It was and will be forever- the most life changing and memorable experience I have ever had. 

While I want to be very clear that Kai is the best and most loved boy in the world, that I would go through it again and again to see his sweet face…I don’t want to sugar coat my experience for the sake of saving face. It was incredibly hard: the pregnancy, labor, and then my postpartum experience had more lows than highs there for a moment. 

Now, two months later it’s still hard…but doable. Seeing his big smile and silly old man personality, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Everything has changed. My priorities, my plans, my hormones, and how I viewed everything in my past. Someday I will tell the story about my journey. The ins and outs. But for now I am Mom.

My days revolve around a three hour schedule of eat, sleep, poop, repeat. I’ve had longer conversations with a newborn than fellow adults. Right now I am typing with one hand because somebody decided he wanted to be held…and believe it or not…it’s not Dylan.  So here’s to the future. I don’t know what it all entails but I am both terrified and so, so excited to find out. 

So that is all for today, a cup of cold coffee, some anxiety meds, and one baby later-my first of hopefully at least a few blogs this year. For now I wish you all happy reading. See you soonish.