20 Days No Social Media -Review-

20 Days of No Social Media- Review-

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the ongoing chronicles of my journey with no social media. Goal of today is to review how I felt I did on my goals that I worked on September 28- October 08, 2021, both what I am proud of and what I can improve. Then I will just let you all know what I will be working on for the next 10 days (October 09- October 19, 2021). Now with out further ado- let’s get into it. 

September 28-October 08, 2021

  • 20 minutes meditation
  • Vitamins, insulin, and 100 oz water
  • Sleep 8-10 hours a night
  • 15 minutes meditation

Overall Rating

I give myself an overall rating of 5/10. I got my 8-10 hours of sleep, no problem and I was sure to take my vitamins and insulin. I was fairly active seeing as I packed and moved my entire house and stand/run around at work for 8 hours at a time. I also put in effort to take walks when possible or park at the back of the parking lot to create more active movement throughout my day. I did, however, put meditation on the back burner and struggle to drink my water goal through out the day. 

What I am Proud Of:

Did I do everything perfectly? Absolutely not. Not even close. However, I think I did good at at least thinking about my goals everyday. That sounds silly- but being actively aware of what your intentions for the day are and what your goals are is the first step. I used to always seem to forget what my priorities were- and I did good at keeping up on my self-evaluation daily. I give myself a little bit of a break and pat on the back that I survived the past 10 days. We had a lot going on the past ten days. I packed and moved to a different town, I started working more hours at my new job, and kept up on my college assignments for the most part. (I got a few late grades, I’ll admit.) I have also been struggling with some really fun pregnancy symptoms that don’t particularly motivate me to exist. That being said- I am proud that despite the craziness- we actively were able to still live mindfully. We ate 90% healthy and homemade meals, I was present during my daily activities, I managed half of my goals despite lack of motivation, and I have kept up on updating you guys. So since I survived that past 10 days- I give myself kudos. 

What could I Improve:

Despite some valid “excuses” there is room for improvement. Even though I maybe didn’t feel up to physically moving more than I had to- I could have 100% made time to meditate and work on my mental health. I think mental health is something that is equally if not more important than my physical goals- despite that being the case it’s the easiest to put on the backburner when you don’t see immediate physical results. 

Water. I mean- come on. I am capable of drinking soda, coffee, tea, and smoothies at a rapid pace but can’t seem to keep up on water. Definitely a mental block- so here are some tips I am going to implement this week to try to motivate myself to drink more water. 

  • Water flavoring with electrolytes. Ex. Mio water flavoring and Liquid IV packets.
  • Flavoring water with fresh lemon and/or echinacea
  • When I am craving a “fun drink” I will sub it for homemade tea. It’s leaf water- I think it counts seeing as I add honey or agave as a sweetener. 

The Next 10 Days

  • 20 Minutes Meditation
  • Vitamins, insulin, and 100oz of water
  • Sleep 8-10 hours a night
  • 20 minutes of intentional movement
  • 10 minutes of writing daily (Journal, blogs, etc.)

That’s all for tonight! See you all wednesday for a recipe blogs and Friday for a sweet story. As for now-happy reading!