Happy Birthday

Good morning. Today is a very special day for my family today: my little sister is turning 13 today. Her request was to make her a blog-featuring her for her birthday so that is the least I could do for my favorite “big-little” sister. 🙂 Now the rest of the blog is directed at you kid.

First- because is it my duty as an older sister to give my old and wise sage advice- here it is:

  1. People’s opinions of you DO NOT reflect your worth. Their opinions are built on how they were raised, how they were treated, and their view of you from their very narrow view- limits the vastness, potential, and fullness that is YOU. 
  2. Don’t fear asking questions and fear finding the answer even less. Learning does not begin and end with public education. Knowledge is gained from experience, the advice of those who have it, and the mistakes you make while gaining it. Asking WHY and HOW creates opportunities you never would have otherwise. 
  3. You don’t know everything. Don’t worry this isn’t a judgement of you in specific. It’s a teen state of mind that you can’t avoid and that’s okay. But in moments you are frustrated because you are being treated as if you are too young to understand or mad because you don’t understand why Mom and Dad can be so lame- just remember: you think you know everything until you grow up and finally realize nobody REALLY knows what we are doing. But…you start to listen to people who know what NOT to do and understand why we should be in bed by 10. 
  4. Friendships change AND that’s okay. When you are 13 you think every friend you have will be friends forever. Or that the drama we care about will be the center of our lives until the end. But that’s simply not the case. Every seven years people tend to have a shift. Sometimes people move together in the same direction. Other times we all grow apart. So, while yes, change is hard- nothing in this life  is forever and that is the beauty of growth. 
  5. Being weird, creative, odd, and silly are GOOD things. It means you’re human! When you look really close at anyone around you- you’ll see that EVERYONE is strange in their own little ways. When we are in large groups of people- we sometimes forget there is no such thing as “normal”. Not really. Don’t let anyones stamp out your bright creativity or make you smaller for them to feel more comfortable. Even more important: don’t let anyone convince YOU to do that to yourself. You are the best at being you. You are the professional. 

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way- here is what you really wanted. A lesson I have learned or things I love about you- one for every year on this planet- that my big-little sister has given me.

  1. I am both so PROUD and amazed at the young woman you have become. Of course, to me you are still a little baby or six years old…but the truth is you have grown up so much. 
  2. I am very impressed by your ability to work hard and reach your goals. You wanted to learn how to bake…and now I can’t imagine anyone else baking my next birthday cake. You even turned that skill you worked so hard to gain- to earn money for your other hobby and skill you have worked so hard in: dance. 
  3. You taught me that flexibility can somehow be threatening. Congrats on that one. 
  4. You have the strangest sense of humor and it makes me laugh…yes even under the thick layer of annoyance of an older sister. I’m just old and grumpy.
  5. You taught me that you can say more with a look than you could ever with words. 
  6. I love when you do random little dances and hum hmm, hmm as you wander around the house.
  7. Christmas charades. There will be no further explanation. 
  8. Your ability to stand strong in your argument even after you are proven wrong astounds me and I hope to gain the skill someday. 
  9. I love the way your brain works- I love watching it turn as you get an idea or the way you create art.  You are very creative and I love that about you.
  10. The way you use your whole body to convey emotion. You throw your head back when you laugh and slink your body around when you’re sad. 
  11. You are so great with the kids. I know you guys bicker and they can be annoying little brats. But as the older sister you have made sacrifices that no one asked you to make but you made anyway. You are setting such a great example to the two littles.
  12. I love your little green thumb you have developed. 
  13. I love you for YOU. Thanks for bein my little sis

That is all for the day! I hope My little sister has a wonderful birthday and I wish you all happy reading. See you all next time.