“Verb. change, alter, vary, modify; means to make or become different. change implies making either an essential difference often amounting to a loss of original identity or a substitution of one thing for another.” -Definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Change is one of life’s only guarantees- yet it always seems to be unexpected and jarring to the human soul. Why? Why are we always so surprised by the one thing that IS GOING to happen? Honestly?- I don’t have the “right” answer. However, I do have an educated guess, based on the experiences I have had in my own life with change. 

Life is full of the unknown, that’s why science, religion, and routine brings comfort to most…and myself. Truly, I do not have a for sure, 100%, certainty of ANYTHING. The only thing that creates an illusion of control and comfort is consistency and that is the one thing that change threatens. Change brings “The New” and “The New” is terrifying. All this blah, blah, blah is to say- I don’t think we are scared of change itself…but we are scared of the unknown consequences that follow. 

This realization led me to wonder, “Well, if you can’t stop it… how do you adapt and accept the changes that are bound to happen?” I, again, do not have the right answer per say-but I can speak from my own experience. I have recently been “victim” to a lot of big changes (which I will go into in a moment) and the following advice is how I almost calmly reacted to said changes. 

  1. Deep breaths. Simple. Almost too simple. BUT IT HELPS. When something is shocking and life changing…remembering to breathe can be one of the hardest things to do. Deep breathing helps you lower your heart rate and put you in a more relaxing state. 
  2. Acknowledge you are not always in control and that is okay. In all truth we have complete and full control over very little in our lives but we can control how we react. Acknowledging this can actually bring inner peace and a calmness in approaching your next venture. 
  3. Take a moment and then react. We live in a quick pace world that expects instant response and immediate answers. You are not expected to have all the answers all at once. It’s okay to take a moment before you react or know what to do. The world can wait. 

Now- my big changes…and I have a few- so buckle up. As I mentioned before, I have been a victim of change myself and so without further ado- here is a Kayteable Life Update you have been waiting for. 

(I will start with the smallest change and leave the best for last. ) 

  1. I am back in college! I am attending CSI (College of Southern Idaho) and taking three online courses. The big change was my major. I was originally aiming for an English Major but am now working on a major in Education. Jumping back into school has definitely been an experience and a lot more time consuming  than I originally expected. BUT I am excited to work on my goal of eventually becoming an educator. I am hoping the added work leads to a better schedule on my blogs since I have to time my days now. We can only hope .
  2. I am moving soon! I am soon to be moving to a different town close by with my partner and I am very excited. This is a bigger change than college…but definitely a more exciting one. 
  3. And finally…I am having a baby! I know! One of the biggest changes life can throw at you! While unexpected we are excited to welcome a little one into our lives- predicted March 04, 2022. Don’t worry-this won’t turn into a “Mommy Blog” but expect some updates and some baby blogs…as this is a blog about my personal life and experiences…and there is about to be a big experience to be shared…so stay tuned. 

That is all for this blog…it’s kind of a long one so thanks for sticking through it. I will be posting a blog Wednesday about the correlation of mental health and Type One Diabetes and on Friday will be a personal blog/ my reading list for the month of September. Thanks again for joining me today and I wish you all happy reading.