A Moment to Find Ourselves Once More

“You need to reclaim the events in your life to make yourself yours.”

-Florida Scott-Maxwell

Sometimes things that happen to us or that we experience can be hard to face- let alone claim them as your own experience. In fact, just the normal, everyday activities can be hard to absorb into your own reality. The laughter of strangers in a grocery store or the quiet murmurs of the fellow early birds at the coffee shop. Sometimes it’s hard to to be present in the little moments when so much seems to be happening in the big ones.

But it’s the little moments that build the very being that is you, isn’t it? It was how your mother reacted when you got your first scraped knee or how you watched your older siblings interact with their friends. It’s the conversations you over hear even though they weren’t meant for your ears or lips that met yours for your first kiss. It’s all of these seemingly meaningless moments- that build and build- until you’re you.

In the world I was raised in and the in the world we live in know- it often seems impossible to nurture the little moments. We are always fixated on the “Next Big One.” The consequences of not caring for the little ones- to not acknowledge their power- is that no matter what we do or how fast we do it…we have forgotten the foundation and all the little ones crumble under the weight of the big ones…and sooner than you think you dont even recognize yourself.

Even this blog- it seems like an insignificant shamble of words, written by a twenty-something year old. It is. It is a little moment that we share…a reminder to take a deep breath and enjoy the little moments…because right now…we should reclaim our little events, alongside the big ones. We should remember the little moments and recognize ourselves once more.