A Typical Sunday- Fat old cat, a guinea pig, and a girl.

I used to do this thing when I lived in Portland that I would just blog post about my day-even if nothing particularly interesting happened. I would just tell you guys about what coffee I had, what I was up to. I don’t even really know why-I was just so happy and excited to be in Oregon I assumed that you guys would be just as excited to hear about me messing around up there.

So-I thought why not do that here in Twin Falls? Yeah-it’s not as thrilling…per say…but hey-I want to get back into writing so why not start here, right? Today, was a typical Sunday-I got to hang out with my fat, old cat- her name is Chonk. I mentioned her in a blog before. I got her here at the humane society about two years ago. She’s a cuddler and can be kind of gross sometimes. She is a long haired cat and if you ever had one of those you know that no matter what you do-they shed like…a girl.

And-in addition to the cat cuddles, I got some guinea pig cuddles. The newest addition to the Kayteable Family-Charles the guinea pig. He’s a cutie-we have freakishly similar diets-and he gets very excited over his weekly grape. Yes, just one…a week. A very sweet treat.

The rest of the day was filled with a nice date-I met a very nice human, learned how to play pool, and ate some good fries. Got home had a nice cup of coffee (yes, at 10pm at night) and watched some good ol’ Grey’s Anatomy.

And that was my Sunday. Good-Simple-Pleasant.

I want to do more blogs that are just about my day. Hopefully they are interesting to you all-and if not, maybe you will all stick around for the more “health blogger” blogs. πŸ™‚ I will chat with you guys later! Have a good night!