Shave the Cat

Before we go any further- I’d like to clarify that I am indeed shaving my cat Chonk and not advocating a social standard for body hair. Listen, it’s nearly the end of 2020- do what you want. But TODAY- Miss Chonkers is getting groomed for the first time properly since being in my care. Typically I trim her nails, brush her, and all that fun jazz- but she’s BIG, she’s MESSY, and she is a long haired cat. So naturally things have come to a point that a professional needs to step in.

That is what’s happening right now as I write the blog today-I’m dropping $70 to mildly traumatize the fur kiddo for the greater good and I am drinking an iced mocha with coconut milk and a dash of hazelnut flavoring- worrying about how she’s doing. See, I tend to over think, over worry- but try to play off that I could care less so I come across as a heartless fool. When I dropped her off, the groomer had said- depending on how is goes it will cost $60-$80. In response I said: It will probably be $80 because she’s huge and a pain in the ass.

Why? I adore her! Why did I throw her under the bus so hard? I get that from my dad-all the love in the world but affection is shown through humor. It works better when you’re funny-which he is…I was just-rude. I suppose all is well, since I know and Chonk know’s she’s very loved…just hopefully the groomer won’t keep her in fear that I just bully my cat. πŸ˜‚ That all being said- she should be done here soon and she will get a whole lot of cuddles.

Here’s the Chonkers

In other news- a few life updates: I’m moving…again, hopefully getting a new car soon, maybe even a new phone. So- watch out world…she’s about to have a fresh start and nearly a new cat. I’m excited for a new beginning and can’t wait to see where it leads. Change can be pretty scary (especially pennies) but it can bring light to parts of you that even YOU weren’t aware of, open up possibilities that weren’t there before, and just over all help cultivate growth. But, while this is my blog-I don’t want it all about me! Feel free to let me know what you are up to in the comments! I like to hear what is on my reader’s minds.

But- all that aside, I think that is all for the blog today! Hope you all have a great day,, invite change, drink some good coffee, maybe get some movement in for the day. (Maybe drink water too.) See you all soon!