Tater Tot Scramble- Kayteable Recipe

Just thought I would share an extremely easy recipe today. As a pregnant and very “lazy in nature” sort of gal- I always like seeing easy, cheap, and quick recipes that also hold some nutritional value.

Ingredients You’ll Need:

1. Tater Tots

2. Eggs (or egg replacer is you want it vegan πŸ™‚

3. Spinach

4. Mozzerella Cheese

5. Season Salt 6. Garlic Salt

7. Pepper

8. Oil of choice

Macros + Nutrition:

Calories: 483

Carbs: 28g

Protien: 22.2g

Fat: 31g

(% of Daily Intake)

9% Fiber

15% Iron

26% Calcium

90% Vitamin A

22% Vitamin C

61% B12

19% Folate

34% Potassium