Real Life Parents- Blogmas 12.13.2021.

Now my mother is either going to yell at me in the comments, spam call me, or both after she reads this blog- so I will try to prepare myself.

This past week has been…a life adjustment for sure. Sometimes you don’t notice the changes in your life until something points it out…and in this case they were put into hyper focus. We got our first real glimpse into how truly terrifying it is to be real life parents.

Wednesday night I was in a car accident (everyone is fine now) and it was really scary. I have been in a handful of car accidents before and while I was always a little shook and banged up- nothing compared to the crushing feeling you get when you realize the only thing between a car and your kid is your own body.

After turning I came to an abrupt stop and because someone had decided to just park themselves in the middle of the road…and while I had noticed and braked quick enough…the car behind me wasn’t paying as close attention. I ended up getting rear ended at a pretty decent speed with me being at a dead stop. I ended up playing bumper cars between the truck in front of me and the car behind me for a few seconds before everything came to a stop.

To both my horror and with an abundance of gratitude- I had seen the car hauling behind me with enough time to decide to brace my arm against the steering wheel to avoid to much impact between my stomach and the seatbelt.

We spent the night in the hospital and the baby was monitored and we went home the next day- which I spent sleeping and being incredible sore. The next day however, was when worries kicked in again when I noted baby was not as active as he usually is and I was incredibly sore in my abdomen. Another hospital visit and a few hours of baby monitoring later- we were sent home assured that the little guy was okay- he was just taking a rest himself.

While it was a traumatic experience…everyone is okay, safe, and healthy…and we both came face to face with being over protective of someone we haven’t even gotten to meet yet. I think this parenting thing is going to be the death of us and I can’t wait.

On a lighter note- while the baby is perfectly healthy…we discovered he is HUGE. Due to my own medical conditions and the fact that giant babies run in the family…he is measuring to be the size of a 33 week old baby while in reality he is only 28 weeks old. Over achiever already. We have addressed that if he grows too quickly he could be born super early and be in the NICU due to being a little underdeveloped in terms of internal organs…and I am doing everything in my power to eat and be as healthy as possible to make sure he slows down a bit. But for now- we just get to chuckle about the fact that I am carrying the human equivalent of a bowling ball.

On that note- that’s all I have for the daily blog for today. Sorry it’s a tad heavier…but it’s what life is at the moment- so that’s what’s reflected in the blogs. (Sorry mom for you finding out this way…but hey- you worrying makes me worry more. There is too much worry in this house right now. ) As for the rest of you- I wish you all happy reading and I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. πŸ™‚