Top 10 TBR Books on My Shelf

Alrighty! We are back on track for my Personal Library Series and today we are tackling the books on my “To Be Read” or TBR List that I am most excited for. As always I always encourage buying local and or from thrift stores. It is a better choice for your hometown, you, and your wallet. However, if you hover over any of the book titles a link to Amazon will be provided- more so for reviews and pricing! And now, without further ado-

Top TBR Books

1.Rest of “The Inheritance Cycle” series. (Book 2,3,4)

Christopher Paolini (Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance)

2. Hush___________________________James Patterson

3. Killer Instinct____________________James Patterson

4. Shatter Me________________________Tahereh Hafi

5. Goodnight Nobody________________Jennifer Weiner

6. Lucky Boy___________________________Shanti Sekeran

7. The Priory of the Orange Tree_______Samantha Sharron

8. The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley_______Hannah Tinti

9.The Corrections______________________Jonathan Brazen

10. Haunted ____________________________James Patterson

That is all for the Book Nook today! Be sure to like and comment you answer to the question of the day: “What book is on your TBR List that you are most excited about?” Tommorow will be a “Top 5 Authors on My Shelf” where we will talk about writing styles, characters, and series that made my favorite authors. Hope you all have a great night! I will see you all tomorrow!


Drink of the Day

Huckleberry Cold Brew with a splash of coconut milk! 🙂