Type 1 Diabetes

Hey- my name is Kayte and I am a Type 1 Diabetic and have been all but 1 year of my life. I have had my fair share of struggles that are part of the diabetic package. But- I have noticed that even though roughly 40,000 people in JUST the United States are diagnosed and share my disease every year…there is very little public education or awareness on the topic. Most people link what little information that is on infomercials or in their required health education class about the more common (especially in the USA) Type 2 Diabetes to what I have. More often than not-it doesn’t apply to me…or it doesn’t apply in the same way.

That all being said-I would be happy to be just one person, sharing from a personal perspective- adding to the Type 1 Diabetic information center of those who read me blog! Now I am NOT a doctor or medical professional of any kind- so if you are here for strictly medical advice I can provide some good resources (Right Below πŸ™‚ )-but this is more for basic understanding and Q&A’s of the general public.

So- If you have any questions about what Type 1 Diabetes- what it is, how I treat it, what some of the basic lingo of it means, how it’s affected me mentally/physically, etc…this is an open forum- open to any questions personal or functional. That is all I have got for today! But I invite you all to participate in the forum!